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COP Visit Naivasha Maximum Prison

As Strathmore marked the end of its first week of community service, a visit to Naivasha Maximum Prison was on-set. A team of 90 students, 19 reformed Ex-convicts and 2 staff members set out to inspire and psychologically set free inmates who had despaired and given up hope in life.


On their way to the prison, students got chatty with the 19 Ex-convicts who turned a new leaf, as they  shared their story on life in prison and out of prison. Many lessons about choosing the right company, being thankful, working hard and diligently, integrity and service to others were shared.




The university donated 17 computers, CPA text books and 9 footballs to the prison, with the aim of inspiring the inmates to believe in the capacity of being better people regardless of their current situation. As the team went round the education facility, which the prison dubbed as the “White College”, it was evident that the donations were of good use, especially because the prison only had 1 working computer and limited number of books and footballs.


As the prisoners faces lit up as a result of the contribution, the team was hopeful that at least one more in-mate might follow in Peter Kamau’s footsteps. Peter Kamau, a beneficiary of COP’s Prisons Education programme had this to say “I would like to thank my family, Strathmore University’s Community Outreach Programme for believing in me when no one else did. They believed in me and some of the inmates and choose to start the distance learning programme with us. As a result, I am now a certified public accountant, having successfully completed my Certified Professional Accountancy course and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce degree, third year. “


KS Bhari Cup Tournament


In the midst of the Naivasha visit, students, prison staff, prisoners and now ex-convicts engaged in an annual football tournament; a tournament in honor of the main sponsor of the Prison’s education programme. The match saw the Prisoners face Ex-Convicts, while Strathmore students played against the Prison Staff. The matches ended at 8-2 and 3-1 in favor of the prisoners and students respectively.


As the day drew to a close and the massive gates of the prison shut, the students and visitors were happy and excited discussing the value of freedom and the privileges attached to it. With the wise words of Peter and the ex-convicts echoing in the students’ minds, the visits to Naivasha Prison, regardless how many, prove to be always unique and uplifting.  


For more information on how you can be involved in this noble cause contact Community Outreach Program