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Community Service Centre sparks Joy in Thika Town

Joy-Town Primary School, Thika, is a special school for physically handicapped children. The purpose of the school is to give rehabilitation to the physically handicapped to enable them to walk and gain skills that would make them self-reliant. The main service offered at the school is that of correcting limb deformities through a process that involves surgery and physiotherapy. Alongside this, the children receive primary level education with boarding available. Primary level education is offered up to Std.8, including a nursery class and special unit for children with mental and physical disabilities.


Our arrival at the school the team was met with innocence and uplifting cheer from the pupils. Strathmore’s Community Outreach students had their hearts warmed up by the resounding welcome, and immediately divided itself into various groups, taking up different tasks within the school. Happiness held the school hostage when the pupils and Strathmore students engaged in moments of play, singing, talking and laughter. Choosing not to be defined by their physical state, the young boys and girls showed off their skills, highlighting the fact that choosing to stay down after a fall, and not falling, is what separates winners from losers. Their concern for each other was impeccable; witnessing a young one on crutches, pushing his/her fellow classmate on a wheelchair, so that they can both enjoy the sun, was a memorable highlight of how humans should show affection to one another.


Lessons from Joy-Town Visit:

  • Disability is a state of mind, because we are all able in our own unique ways
  • It is important to take time to give thanks for luxuries such as walking under the sun, feeding oneself, drinking water from a cup, having someone to hug when you are sad and alone etc.
  • Love is best expressed in action. One does not need to do a grandeur act in order to have another person know that they are treasured
  • There are people who are breathing, but are not living, because they do not take the time to appreciate the goodness surrounding them
  • Happiness comes from within us, and is not given to us by others.
  • A smile is good medicine for an abandoned heart