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Community Outreach: Kisii Work Camp

A vibrant team of 10 Strathmore University students together with 8 Irish volunteers, two teachers and six high school students, who purposed to come and positively impact lives in our society teamed up with a sole purpose of ensuring that the young girls of Sr. Michaela Girls School, Kisii County, have a laboratory for their education use. Driven with the thirst to be of value to someone else, the team ran by Strathmore’s Community Outreach Program,  covered a distance 7,253.47 Kilometers, estimating to 18,134 four-hundred meter running tracks.  


The heartbeat of each work camp is to ensure that each member of the team gets to be empowered character-wise, thus foster the passion for service beyond the week’s adventures. In Kisii, this was well captured in the numerous evening sessions and early morning power-walks, whereby the team shared their opinions and knowledge in various issues concerning the life of young people today. The intense and well researched topics nourished the camp atmosphere, challenging the young minds to greater heights. This usually follows the  tasking input of each member at the project site, depending on what the team is constructing.


As it happened


Sr. Michaela Girls High School came into existence as a result of post-election violence back in 2007. It’s main purpose; to improve the girl-child education in the region. With this knowledge in mind, the team worked tirelessly to aid and meet the objective, aspiring to leave a mark on the bright faces of the school stakeholders.


Despite the harsh weather conditions the team was never drained from the task. Under the guidance of an experienced mason, the work commenced on June 23rd and ended on June 28th marking the duration of the team’s stay in Kisii.  Albeit the exhaustion and body fatigue, the team had a fortune to touch peoples’ lives and the student’s joy summed up their visit.


Hearty smiles enriched with life-lessons, echoes of gratitude ringing in the minds of the Sr. Michaela community and the site of a half done laboratory, hoped to touch generations here-after, is all the team could take back home with them; after a week’s work, daily football games and the chilly weather of Kisii. An experience worth the sacrifice.


We thank the team for their great input to the Sr. Michaela community and wish both the community and the team the very best in their future endeavors.