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Club Highlights; Strathmore University Media Group Focuses on Art and Events

Strathmore University Media Group (SUMG) was recently established by Strathmore University students who possess a desire to nurture their talents in arts.

The club offers an environment where students can meet, explore and appreciate the beauty of art. The club is very versatile as it not only deals with art but also events planning.

SUMG is a melting point of talent which ranges from spoken word, poetry, fine art, choreography, storytelling as well as contemporary urban music. Club members are very aggressive, warm and receptive to new ideas which explains the energy and creativity in what they do.

Other than art, the club has invested time in training its members on media skills in areas such as photography, video editing and graphics design so as to leverage on new media platforms. The club hopes to use such skills to help Strathmore students tell their stories in a more different and appealing way.

Further, the club wishes to use such skills to generate content that can be sold to production companies and even TV stations. Currently, there is a high demand for local TV content, opening up an avenue where SUMG members can benefit from content production given their talents and skills.

Last year, the club organised its first ever major event; Loud&Clear, an event that brought together art loving students, photographers and artistes. The event turned out to be a success because many students attended and got to enjoy various genres of art that were showcased.

Through events, SUMG members get a chance to explore other areas by providing services. Members plan, promote and cover events enabling them to get hands on experience. Through this, members improve on their oral skills, video editing skills, persuasion skills amongst other skills, which they could otherwise not have acquired from class.

SUMG plans to revive its instructive magazine in the days ahead.

Students wishing to join the club can register by paying Kshs. 100 per semester.  The club can be reached through sumediagroup@strathmore.edu