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Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Suits Up

Strathmore University’s Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) held a cocktail event dubbed CTH Suits UP to launch a new style of dressing on campus for the students. At the same event various other items were addressed to inform students on what to expect in future.


CTH Suits Up is an initiative that will require CTH students and staff to adopt wearing suits on campus every Tuesday; in an effort to give students a managerial look and feel in preparation for the industry. Students will be expected to make suits of their own choice of colour to emulate what happens in the hospitality and tourism world.


The Director for CTH Miss. Joy Goopio, used this avenue to introduce the new Dean of the Centre Dr.Virginia Gichuru to the students. Dr. Gichuru previously worked as the Dean of Research at Strathmore University. “I am delighted to be here and to serve you in the capacity of a Dean. I trust that we will have a successful time together,” said Dr. Gichuru.


The guest speaker, Chef Feizal Ahmed from Sankara Hotel in Nairobi, startled the students as he shared his age and his Chef journey. At age 21, Chef Feizal advised the students on polishing up on their image, stressing that image is everything in the industry. “Wearing suits makes one stand out, on top of being well groomed. This new initiative is a great idea by the centre to prepare you for what is to come,” he commended.


After the delightful speech, Strathmore Food euphoria 2016 event was launched. Strathmore Food Euphoria is an annual event taken up by the senior class, where the public is invited to sample different cuisines made by the students. This year the event adopts a rustic African theme that aims at incorporating the rich culture of Africa. The goal here is the celebration of diversity and multi-culturalism.


The last item of the event was the reveal of the senior class of CTH CSR project that begun early this year. The CRS project gears towards supporting a home that rehabilitates rescued teenage mothers and their babies – Wings of Compassion. The senior class urged their fellow students to rope in on the initiative as a way of giving back to the society.