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Celebrating Strathmore Mums

Motherhood is a “métier” often propelled by pure, unwavering love.  Being a mother is a journey of a lifetime that is filled with great adventure and priceless moments. In preparation for Mothers Day which will be marked worldwide on May 10, we celebrate Strathmore mothers, from those waiting eagerly to hold their children in the arms, to those who have already began this worthwhile journey and to those who are now watching over their grandchildren.

Celestine Kanjama (Mentoring Services): A priceless opportunity to love

“Fitting in my mother’s shoes is an attempt that I can only glance at. I see the unfeigned love she continues to endow on me. With her example, I am on a quest to discover my calling as a mother. God creates a mother for an awesome purpose, calls her forth to her role as a woman and crowns her with His favor for such a time in her life. Being a mother gives you a chance to give yourselves unreservedly. It’s an opportunity to love and be loved more. Motherhood is precious, a mystery of hope in itself; let us embrace it, let us love it, it is worthwhile. Quarantine has not been easy especially for my fitness. I’ve had to devise clever ways of exercising through daily walks. But on the other hand, Covid-19 has had its perks. My husband and I pray together more, prepare and eat meals together, play board games, enjoy movies… We’ve also been spending this time planning and organizing for the arrival of our baby.”

Neema Imbayi (Library): Bonding with my princess

“I was about to report to work after 3 months of a maternity leave when an order to close all schools was given by the government due to the rise of coronavirus cases. This has been a blessing in disguise to me since I was granted the opportunity to bond more with my little princess. I now have much more time to know and understand my baby. This could not have been the case if it were not for this period on the normal occasions, I go to work very early in the morning and come back home quite late in the evening.

Motherhood during this pandemic can be worrisome, especially for a first-time mother like me. My daughter is five months old; her immunity is still quite low and clinical visits are important but risky because exposing her to such a public space where the virus is prevalent is not advisable. My husband is also working. When he comes back in the evening, we have to ensure we take the necessary measures to keep our family safe from the virus before holding our baby because he could be exposed while at his place of work.

The best thing about motherhood is the joy that comes with it. I take this chance with so much positivity because it is a gift from God. It is such an honor to take part in His work of creation. Motherhood for me is a learning experience and it has helped me to grow in so many aspects of life such as being more responsible and patient.

The main challenge that has stood out in my motherhood journey so far is the issue of balancing my family time and personal development, and other responsibilities such as working from home, attending to my two ongoing master’s degree programmes and my relationship with other people. But by God’s grace, I am cracking it, day by day, step by step.”

Anastacia Minoo (Catering): A mother is everything.  

“The change was sudden, unexpected and it has been a challenge adjusting to the new circumstances. I’m discovering little things in my children that I didn’t know before: one of my sons is fluent in English, something I wasn’t fully aware of while the other, a 2-year old, can construct a sentence without mumbling over words. I’ve also added new titles above that of a mother. I’m attempting to take over the role of a teacher as my children learn from home which is helping me clearly see the beauty of teachers. Their talent is God given. They are simply magical. They have a way of instilling discipline in our children in areas where perhaps we are lenient with them. Another role is that of a caregiver. One night, my son had an asthmatic attack. It was a worrying time; I wondered, how will I take him to hospital with the curfew being enforced? Thankfully, it subsided. That episode forced me learn some remedies to deal with the symptoms such that after this pandemic, I can help him deal with it without rushing to hospital unless absolutely necessary. Lastly, my children have been asking why we are not going to church on Sundays while insisting on the need to go. I’ve had to explain to them that for now we are unable to. So I organize for us to pray in the house so that we don’t neglect the aspect of keeping our faith alive.”

Dr. Helen Osiolo (SIMS): Your children are a reflection of you

 “Being raised as the only girl among boys, my mother championed team effort when it came to home chores. On a daily basis she made sure we all helped in the cleaning, sweeping the floors among others duties, as needed. I now believe that such life skills are necessary and I’ve instilled in my own children the need to help out at home; each child then grows up being responsible and appreciative of their surroundings.

Each child is different, they achieve milestones at their own pace, we just need to remember that they will achieve them even though it seems to take ages.  I was worried that my son took long before he began to walk. But later the unforgettable moment came and I have recorded proof of him taking his first magical steps.  Creating time to know your child is important, because no one else will learn your children for you. In conclusion, every mum should embrace being buttons that hold everything together.”

Dr. Beatrice Dimba (SBS): Pure, unwavering Love

“As the world continues to change and busy schedules become a norm, I would encourage mothers to speak up and seek help when needed. To make it in life, we need to make sacrifices at different seasons of our lives.  When my children were younger, I needed flexibility in time at work; arranging for this enabled me to work effectively and efficiently without compromising my duties as a wife, mother and an employee.  A cardinal point to remember is that children eventually grow up and all children are unique and need to be appreciated for their individuality.  Knowing God, unconditional family love and wholesome education are crucial in nurturing a child for they are the building blocks of their own lives in future. In the recent past, my daughter surprised me with the recording of my favourite music. This episode rekindled my love for the dance floor: Though Covid -19 has impeded my family routines, I look forward to having our family get together, attending my grandchildren’s school events and visiting family members. I’m currently reading “Covenanted Happiness: Love and Commitment in Marriage by Cormac Burke.”


This article has been compiled by Odhiambo Obonyo, Annete Karanja and Wambui Gachari. 


Would you like to share your experience of living through the circumstances brought by the Covid-19 pandemic? Kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu