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Campus Chronicles: Stop the Adulting Train, Shukisha!

Hon. Senator Isaac Mwaura

Sometimes we, students, find ourselves already on board with the contemporary notion of the ‘adulting train’ and it’s clear that-in a way- no one prepared us for what is aboard this train.

Well, as student interns under the Strathmore Student Mentoring Services (SMS) umbrella, have put together the Campus Chronicles: Stop the Adulting Train, Shukisha! It is a series of sessions for our fellow comrades, both Stratizens and non-stratizens from other universities and colleges such as Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Zetech, Kenyatta University, Daystar, Riara, Catholic University of East Africa, and University of Nairobi.

To What End?

The Campus Chronicles series aims at providing students with a mental toolbox; helping them to develop a sound perspective of life with a bit of history to see how the pendulum swings.  The goal is to nourish the integral well-being of students in education and in character development. Further, it helps students to discover their place amidst the ever-changing world. In other words, it is a call for students to rise above themselves in pursuit of the due good.

Welcome to adulthood!

In quest of adulthood markers, we have prepared a series that will hopefully give us solid direction whilst navigating adulthood. Some of the topics covered in the Campus Chronicles include but are not limited to; purpose, finances, relationships, job industry, friendships, family, building resilience, and being students of life.

On the Ground; Eureka!

Indeed, we have learned and discovered a considerable amount of pragmatic knowledge from the first two sessions. However, we shall just mention a couple of notable lessons that stood out for us.

The Campus Chronicles series commenced on 28th January 2022 with a topic on Purpose: ‘It is What it is.’ Senator Isaac Mwaura, the guest speaker, shared experiences and insights on the topic. Mheshimiwa made it clear that whatever one’s purpose is, it is not going to be easy. He particularly highlighted the value of perseverance in living one’s purpose. He encouraged us to be courageous in the pursuit of  a meaningful life. Lastly, he assured us that we do not have to acquire all the right tools right away in order to achieve one’s purpose.

Increase your value and the money will follow

In addition, on 3rd February 2022, the second session on Finance: ‘Where the Money Resides!’ was held. Our panelists were; Madam Edith Siddondo, Founder and CEO, Profit Acumen, and Mr. Waithaka Gatumia, CEO of Centonomy Ltd. The speakers shared their insights on various questions asked by the students on how to handle financial matters. Mr. Waithaka advised the audience to develop an investment plan. He also challenged us to always think of what we are willing to trade-off as a price to obtain certain financial goals.

Work on yourself

Madam Siddondo shared three primary guidelines for wealth accruement; attract money, retain money and save money. For this to work, there are several things that should be applied. The most notable one is self-care and self-development as a form of investment in self. More so, this makes you attractive in your industry. It follows that, when financial discipline is violated, it manifests some adverse effects to the person in question.

Temina Semo, Edith Siddondo, Waithaka Gatumia, and Jamal Din Ramadhan


In summary, both speakers made it quite clear that it is important for one to invest in themselves before investing in anything or anyone else because it all starts from within. Work on yourself and invest in yourself to increase your value and all else will follow.

The Next Episode – Let’s Go!

The Campus Chronicles sessions are scheduled from January to March 2022. The next episode, which will focus on our professional development after finding oneself in a competitive market, is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3rd March from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. We shall be focusing on issues we comrades have dubbed Hire me!  There are amazing and in-demand panelists just for you!

Every episode ends with an interactive session; whilst enjoying snacks and beverages. See you at the next one, tag a friend along. Cheers!


This article was written by Strathmore Student Mentoring Services interns.  


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