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Betty Nduku – See beyond what you see around you


32+42=52. I surprisingly learnt how to solve the Pythagoras Theorem equation in class one. At a young age, my father exposed me to mathematical concepts that got me interested in pursuing a course that was related to that. Pure mathematics. This is all I wanted to do.

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Business Science in Actuarial Science, and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) concurrently. Yes, two courses at the same time. You are probably wondering how possible it is and how I am managing it. All I can say is nimeuona mkono wa Bwana!

9 to 10 hours of class a day!

Pursuing the two courses simultaneously was quite a journey. On a typical day, I had to hop from one class that ends at 5.15pm to another one at 5.30pm. Hours on end of continuous learning was not a joke but I knew what I wanted and the journey so far has been worth it.

In the June 2021 ACCA exam sitting, I was ranked 2nd in Kenya and 16th globally in Strategic Business Reporting. In the December 2021 exam sitting, I was ranked 1st in Kenya and 27th globally in Advanced Audit and Assurance.

ACCA gives one an opportunity to get some exemptions that offer a BSc programme from the Oxford Brookes University in England. I wrote a Research Project in partial fulfillment of the programme and I now hold a First Class Honors in Applied Accounting. While pursuing all these, I have managed to maintain an A (79 points) in Actuarial Science course.

Discipline! Hard work pays

Life is full of conflicting priorities. Juggling between completing projects in Actuarial Science and upcoming exams in ACCA and my personal life taught me discipline and time management. There were times when I have found myself in the FOMO phase, as they say you only live once. However, I had to get my head in the game and constantly reminded myself that I am a student and I needed to secure that “A” grade. Anthony Anderson once said that “set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond…” Waking up early to read was my mantra as the early bird catches the worm.

Giving up? That was never an option

Many a times I wanted to give up. When the feelings of doubt and fear arose or when I lacked  self-confidence and self- belief, giving up felt like an option. And then I interrogated myself, asking myself if this was the only option I had. Giving up teaches you that you should not give up. The body was weak, but I pushed myself to the limit. Knowing very well instant success is not an overnight journey; a lot of effort, hard work and sacrifices were required.

I envisioned the end goal and what I wanted to achieve. That was my motivation. And in those moments of wanting to give up, I loved myself a little bit more and appreciated the milestones I had made and that encouraged me to push through.


After studying hard all week, one deserves a little time off to relax and unwind. Weekends are so precious to me, a time to let go of everything and enjoy doing something other than work.

And for you…

Run your race with your eyes on the prize. Do not entertain sideshows from third parties. If you want to do something, you will do it, regardless of how tough and difficult it may be. Your dream and pursuit may not make sense to others but keep going.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.


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