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Being the Pan African employee of choice

“To be an employee of choice, you must understand that the world is hungry for values. We live in a world that is valueless”. – Gloria Byamugisha, head of Ecobank HR department and EAC cluster said at the career talk held at Strathmore University on 11th June. She took the students through a sneak preview of what it means to ‘be the pan African Employee of choice”.


Gloria, a holder of a BBA, MBA, and MSC degrees from leading universities, said that the world of employment is categorized into three; the mass market, the bridge and the top tier. The top tier is where the Chief Executives and top company managers are found while the bridge is where middle level management falls. The remainder falls under the mass market category. To make it to the top, one must possess the right values and attitude. Every employee, she said must pass through the mass market. Those who exhibit creativity, determination, excellence, positive attitude and values, often make it to the top tier. 


 “The world is driven by customer service and sales yet these courses are not even offered in local universities.  That is why 95 per cent of what you learn in school won’t apply at your job place but rather your presentation, values and attitude. It is painful but it’s the truth”. Said Gloria. She urged the students to pursue professional courses in order to increase their competitiveness in the job market. Giving the example of a hawker who rose through the ranks to become a top executive in a leading mobile phone services company, Gloria urged the students not to be hungry for quick riches but instead be innovative and make the right choices.


She also added that, Mediocrity, is a vicious cycle that enslaves a lot of people in Africa due to bad choices they make. For instance, she averred, “When you party all the time at University, you get mediocre grades, which land you a mediocre job, salary, friends, spouse and subsequently a mediocre life”.


She challenged students to set clear goals for themselves because they determine what they become in the future.


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Gloria, who is a mother of 3 young adults, cautioned students to be careful when using social media. “Social media is popular but needs to be used with a lot of caution. Some people, are oblivious to the fact that the information they share via social media could be detrimental to their future. Young people should not post on social media any information that they will regret.”


Gloria closed with letting the students know that the bank had received close to 4,000 applications for its graduate trainee programme. The programme, will kick off in July and will run for a maximum period of two years. Those who qualify will be put under mentorship from different experts and professionals in Ecobank Kenya and our other affiliates.