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Be energy and water conservation ambassadors


The facilities within the University include buildings designed to minimize environmental impact through increased use of natural lighting as well as ventilation and the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy.

For instance, Strathmore University Business School was in 2012 awarded the Best Green Building Development in Africa by the African Real Estate and Housing Finance (AREHF) Academy Awards. Rain water collected from the roof of the building is channeled to an underground tank for use. LED lighting connected directly to Photovoltaic Solar Louvers also act as sun shading devices to the East West facades. The indoor air quality utilizes evaporative cooling units that use the rainwater harvested to control temperatures in all the classrooms with temperatures and humidity set at ideal learning conditions.

Rain water for irrigation

In most parts of the University, rain and ground water is used for irrigation and flushing of toilets. We have a capacity of 325,000 liters of harvested rain and ground water.

With regards to energy, the University has installed solar panels; we now produce an average of 5000KWH and 13,000KWH of solar energy a month, though this is dependent on weather patterns.

There are many opportunities around energy and water management that the University plans to venture into, and creativity and innovation practices will help us reach our desired goals. This can only be achieved if we work as a team by sharing ideas and being our own ambassadors on eco –effectiveness practices.

 Do good by:
  • Using water conservatively
  • Switching off lights and other electronics when not in use in lecture room/corridors/offices.
  • Being energy and water conservation ambassadors by encouraging and adopting water and energy saving practices in your homes.
  • Reporting leaking taps within campus

This article was written by Esther K. Muriithi, Manager, Administration Services Department. 

If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu