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Be Adaptable and Learn to Adjust Your Sail With Every Season of Life


Back when I was in Moi High School – Kabarak, a team from Strathmore visited us. All I heard from them I got to experience and more. I was also privileged to take my Stratizen journey with some of my schoolmates and even my cube mate.  As I close this chapter of my life, I can say Faith Kisoyan is a wholesome being. I go out to the world well cultured, vastly informed, and above all a champion of hard work pays. To my dad, you remain my hero. Your selflessness and excellence in all you do only pushes me to be at my utmost best. Now, I appreciate why you require we all put our best foot forward.

Tell us more about Faith?

I am the first girl in a family of four. I was born in Nairobi but at age two my family relocated to Nakuru. The area called London has been home since then. While in Primary school I played position 11 for the football team. The interest was cultivated by my neighborhood kids who sought the sport daily in our estate. With such an activity our clothes got patched up in green and brown stains. Bruises were also common but I often tried to be silent because I dreaded the sting that penetrated the open sore as I got a Dettol cleansing. Today, I enjoy football as a Manchester United fan.

Did you always want to study Communications?

 It was not obvious, take for example in High School I was confused about what career path to pick. From time to time I weighed the options that included becoming an Environment Lawyer, Mechanical Engineer, or Pharmacist: the list goes on and on. However, when the KCSE results came I had to think about what I would enjoy. Without a doubt, I settled for Communication. My childhood dream was to become a journalist. I remember while in Primary school I used to read “News” during assembly. I did it in Kiswahili – which continued to be my favorite subject even in high school. I cannot wait to say “Karibu sana mtazamaji kwa yaliomo jioni ya leo, ni mimi mtangazaji wenu Faith Kisoyan”.

Over and above your degree, what else are you taking with you?

Value for self. Self-care encourages me to maintain a healthy relationship with myself. I cannot give others what I don’t have. Everyone around me benefits from a happy renewed soul. So, do the right thing, be it by ensuring you get enough rest or seeking a counselor’s time before you hit rock bottom. Allow yourself time to listen to your thoughts away from all the echoes of daily living. While at it also reach out to those not in your circle by being part of the Community Service Center.

Since you set the books aside, what are you doing with yourself?

I have been learning how to make pastries. It requires a lot of attention since you need to get the portioning right for an edible outcome. I have also been learning to play darts with my siblings. Did you know that in this leisure activity players start with a high score of 301 or 501 or 701 then work to reduce it with every shot taken? I have not won or hit the bulls’ eye yet, however I am making throws that stick on the board and not on the wall or the floor. It is such a fun activity and our family is learning to enjoy it competitively.

In closing, I leave you with the words I heard in a Strathmore Academic Awards Gala, excellence is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. Remember there is no time to whine, wish or wait for life to happen; rather be adaptable and learn to adjust your sail with every season of life.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.       


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