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Bachelor Degrees in Art Programmes Officially Launched

To serve the emerging needs of various industries, Strathmore School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) has today launched three new degree programs: Bachelors in Communication Studies (BCS), Bachelors in International Studies (BIS) and Bachelors in Development & Philosophy Studies (BDS). The intake to these 3 new exciting degrees is currently ongoing and classes are set to begin in June 2016.


The Dean of SHSS Prof. Christine Gichure expressed her joy to the start of these new courses, while giving her welcoming remarks, highlighting the advantages of studying the courses at Strathmore. “We have already formed strong networks with Hampton University in Virginia, USA and George Washington USA. Students taking these courses will learn foreign languages, experience international trips & explore other possibilities. It is time for students to take the courses of their choice at the University of their Choice,” she said.


Communication Studies will seek to develop a sense of responsibility within media and its influence to society’s attitudes, behavior, sense of being and reasoning. Critical reflections on the fundamental problems in society are studied in an informed and reflective way.


International Studies will tackle global issues, cultural diversities and how people in different parts of the world relate to freedom of expression, human rights, democracy, globalized markets and trade, and the environment and protection of individual rights. 


Philosophy Studies will enable students to develop an analytical, critical and logical mind, invoking reason to everyday questions regarding life, existence, purpose and ability to change.


Development Studies will delve into policies that have been influencing human migration, social interaction, gender balance, education and nutrition equipping its students to work in multidisciplinary areas within development, policy making and research.


Vice Chancellor Strathmore University, Prof. John Odhiambo, articulated the desire for the university to grow in height, depth and broadness, stating that these courses will encourage those three pillars, through providing programs that will help the country attain integral development, creating harmony in the community.


The Keynote address was given by State House Spokesperson and Secretary of Communication, who is also an alumnus of Strathmore, Mr. Manoah Esipisu. Mr. Manoah commended the school on the timely launch of the new courses, stating that these are the times when development, devolution and new technologies are on the rise. He stated the importance of communication, recognizing the fact that through this art, people are able to make informed decisions at all times.


A panel discussion session was held with key industry experts elaborating the importance of studying any of the courses. The experts included; Mr. Emmanuel Renoult – Deputy Head of Mission, French Embassy; Ms. Kathleen Openda – Award winning media practitioner and communication adviser; Dr. Andrew Mude – Principal Economist ILRI; Dr. Javier Aranguren – Visiting Professor from Spain and; Laban-Cliff Onserio – Strathmore University alumnus and Business News Anchor NTV. The five tackled International Studies and Diplomacy as a career; Career paths in the Communication Industry; and the place of a Degree in Development Studies in the career world.


Mr. Renoult; I wish I knew more foreign languages to speak to the hearts and reach the intimacy of people I interacted with during my foreign visits. These are the basics of a diplomat.


Dr. Javier; When you ask about philosophy think of the society that means a lot to us.


Ms. Openda; A challenge we face as communicators, is the unspoken communication, the art of soft skills is important.


Dr. Mudi; Our bosses insist that Scientists need to have soft skills, to communicate & progress further in their industries.


Laban-Cliff; There is a need for business journalists, Safaricom Ltd and KCB Group recognize this & associate themselves with Strathmore.


Studying these courses would lead students to various career paths that include;


Communication Studies – Public Relations, Advertising, Media, Event Management, Marketing, Campaign Management and Public Affairs, Non- Governmental and International Organizations


International Studies – Diplomacy, International Project Management and Business, Foreign Liaison, Non-Governmental International Establishments, Tourism Industry, Media and Humanitarian Agencies


Development Studies and Philosophy – International Organizations, Public Policy Analysis, Development Consultancy firms, Programme Management, Private Sector, Research Centres, Government Agencies, NGO’s, Youth Development Agencies