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Alumni Spotlight; Yvonne Omenya, Flying high in London

My desire has always been to do things differently, to seek greater challenges that would drive me out of my comfort zone, challenge my thinking and expand my horizon. One of them was doing my masters abroad. So after my undergraduate graduation, I scouted for scholarships to do my masters abroad and in 2013 I got one from Cambridge University, Judge Business School to study a Masters in Finance.

  • These attributes define the admirable character of our alumni Yvonne Omenya, a former Accounting and Finance Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) student at Strathmore University. Yvonne, who is currently working as a risk analyst at Barclays Capital London, has enjoyed great privileges that come with hard work. Upon graduation, Yvonne was awarded the Dean’s list award as the overall best student in her year 2010, this was a great achievement for our scholarship student.


  • Yvonne is grateful to Strathmore for instilling great ethos in her that she carries with her everywhere she goes.


Strathmore was very instrumental to my personal development consequently my overall development. At Strathmore, I learnt the purpose of work and the importance of ethics. One advice I got from my mentor Dr. Florence Oloo, which I remember to date and has guided my work ethic, is to work hard but have God as my sole motivator. That way even in the case of failure, if at all, I am still successful and joyful.


Dr. Jim McFie also played a big part in helping me realize my dreams. I got my masters scholarship after three years of applying and re-applying. Dr. McFie encouraged me to never give up during the whole process. Since then I learnt to always push on for the things I want.


  • Coming from a family of 6 children and being the second born, Yvonne is no stranger to responsibility and juggling of hard tasks.


My career ambition has always been in Finance, despite my doing a double major. So after my graduation in 2010 and getting a job at Mumias Sugar, I decided to study CFA, which am currently doing level III. I have learnt to work hard to enable me to perform well both at work and in school.

  • Yvonne is no stranger to being academically challenged. In her second year of studies, she struggled academically causing her to be very saddened and even stressed. However, after a talk with her mentor and a lot of encouragement, Yvonne learnt to do her very best for the glory of God, leading her to excel from then on in both her studies and work.
  • Her greatest achievement so far is attaining her MA degree at Cambridge a dream she had since her tender age. On the flip side, her greatest challenge would be in conquering her fears. Every so often when experiencing fear, her desire has been to challenge it head on, ensuring that fear does not conquer her. 

Some fear is good, it is part of life. But what we do with the fear is what counts.

  • Her advice to young ambitious students looking to grow their career and make it in future.

My advice is simple, be ambitious and never give up. Set your hopes and dream high. Have a plan and work hard towards achieving it. Also be willing to take risks. Follow your dreams fearlessly. Challenge yourself! At the same time, be content and appreciative of what you already have, only then can you release the energy to pursue greater goals.


Allow room for disappointment and failures, let them be your stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.  Learn to let go, press on and believe in yourself.

Above all, more than anything else, let God be the center in all you do. Involve Him at all times and pray consistently. Give your very best, not expecting recognition from man, but from the most important being, God.