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Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Andago-Winner, Kenya’s Best New Blog Award

Patricia Andago, founder and owner of the Pendotalk blog, lives by the mantra nothing is impossible. This is an attitude that has seen her win the Best New Blog Award for the Kenya blog awards 2015, and she is determined to make Pendotalk blog international.


Patricia recently graduated with a Second Class Honours (Upper) in Bachelor of Commerce – Double Major, Accounting and Finance, from Strathmore University.

When did you establish Pendotalk and why?

I started Pendotalk towards the end of January 2015, to inspire good, healthy and meaningful relationships. I noticed a worrying trend of increasing separation and divorce cases in the world. Marriage seems to have become more about money than about love, many women seem to be more focused on their careers than on their husbands and children, and many men are no longer providing for their families to the extent that they should. I therefore decided to do something about it, by spreading positive messages about love, sharing the experiences of those who have been married for many years, and giving advice to those going through rough patches in their relationships.

What is the blog all about, and how did you come up with ‘Pendotalk’?

Pendotalk is all about love! Romantic love, family love, love for the community, and so on. I wanted to share positive messages about love so I knew I wanted the word ‘love’ in the name of the blog. I talked about it with my good friend and he suggested the name ‘Love talk’. I liked the name but I felt that it needed a more Kenyan feel; so I decided on the name ‘Pendotalk’ – it is actually one word though most people spell it as two words.

Who are your target audience?

I target young individuals in their twenties who are either starting a relationship and need advice if it is a serious relationship, couples who are just about to get married, and couples recently married. I try to get mature couples who have been married for many years to give advice on how they have sustained their relationships, and also on the reality of challenges faced in a marriages.


The reason I chose this particular audience is because their generation has witnessed an alarming rate of divorces, separation, domestic violence and infidelity; the increase in technology has made it easier for spouses to be unfaithful; the educated women find it easier to focus on their career consequently neglecting the importance of being submissive wives to their husbands and available mothers to their children- men are using this as an excuse to become alcoholics, and many other issues.

What strides have been achieved through this blog?

I have managed to attract almost 40,000 views. I have done interviews with great men and women with major achievements like Dr. Jim Boyd Mcfie, Dr. Caesar Mwangi and his wife Anne Mwangi, Dr. Chris Hart, and many others.


I also recently won the blog award. It was an honor to be one of the five nominees for the category chosen out of over 1800 blogs, winning it put a cherry on the ice!

What challenges do you face with running the blog?

Sustaining the web blog was, and still is my biggest challenge as it requires a continuous cash inflow which is difficult to acquire.


It is also difficult to find time to blog while working 8 hours a day.

Where would you like to see the blog in the next 5-10 years?

I am currently expanding the scope of Pendotalk to not only focus on romantic relationships but also family relationships, love for the community and the environment, and love for true African beauty.

My first African beauty message started with a post about a slender, dark skinned lady and how the African society responds – A letter from a drop dead gorgeous lady.


Moreover, I want Pendotalk to gain massive international audience.

Outside of the blog who is Patricia Andago? What is your family background?

Patricia Andago is a daughter of two loving and amazing parents, and a sister to 4 great siblings. My family has always helped me to stay grounded.


I am also a big dreamer, I believe nothing is impossible. The word impossible spells: ‘I’m Possible’.


And finally I like to travel, read and indulge in some chocolate- I am a serious chocolate lover!

Where do you work and in what position?

I am an intern at a Japanese firm called Africa Business Partners (ABP). This company offers an excellent learning environment for me.

What motivates you to accomplish big strides such as these?

I have always been a go-getter, I never become complacent. I will only put my mind to rest when I have accomplished what I set my mind to accomplish.


I also have a great support of family and friends who are always encouraging me to keep doing bigger things.