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Alumna Esther Kinuthia ‘Miss I’ – Discusses Life after Strathmore

Alumna Esther Kinuthia, Google’s Associate Account Strategist, Middle East & Africa, based  at Google’s Dublin office, recently connected with Alumnus Laban Cliff – Onserio, and shared her experience at Dublin and her life after Strathmore University.


“Believe in Yourself, Never doubt yourself” Esther Kinuthia, SU Alumna ’15

Esther Kinuthia, although based in Dublin, Ireland, was seconded to the UK to attend a Human Skills training as a champion for recruitment of Africans in Google. It was in the UK that she met Laban for the interview. The 24-year-old former Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Business Administration Option) graduate is vibrant and full of energy. Her interpersonal skills are top notch and she is very witty. Not to mention her recognition that won her accolades, being the youngest lady in the Business Daily’s ‘Top 40 Under 40 Women’ in 2014. 


First of all what brings you here and how has life been “post-Strathmore”?

Life has been good honestly, God has been so good to me. I’m in London because I was invited here to give a talk at Google’s Top Black Talent. I use my journey as a blogger to talk to University students on how they can use personal branding to get ahead in life. 


So just about yourself. It has been one year after graduating from Strathmore. How has it been?

I joined Google at 21 through a Strathmore internship. Thank God, I managed to extend the 3-month industrial attachment to a one-year internship. So after the one-year internship, I managed to secure a job-based at Google’s Europe the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) offices in Dublin, Ireland where I have been for the last one year and 4 months. Then I also have a blog, ‘Miss Independent’ – which gave me a chance to be named in the Business Daily’s Top 40 Under 40 Award Recognition. 


You received this award at 21! Many Students would argue that the Top 40 Under 40 Awards is only reserved for the Elderly…

I’m an example that it is possible for anyone to get this award. There are more and more students getting it, (such as in the recent years) although more are from the corporate world, but my message to university students out there; Be extra-ambitious. 


There are those life skills that you have learned after Strathmore. What has stood out for you?

I would say firstly… Know who you are, and constantly maintain who you are. It is important to know who you are what you are about, what you want and constantly maintaining that as you continue to be better for this world, and also try to better your relationships with people. No one is born a bad person. If people maintained who they are, truly this world would be a better place. 


I don’t want to give you the cliche…of be passionate, be confident.


I hear you, but they are actually quite important for the undergraduate students. 

Yes, but know yourself and never forget who you are. 


How do you feel Strathmore University prepared you for this enviable career you are in?


Laban, when you ask me that question, I just see myself at Paul Ochieng’s (Dean of Students) office telling him of all my crazy ideas. He never once told me, Esther that cannot happen, or Esther, that’s a crazy idea. No. He heard what I wanted to do, he challenged me to have a good plan on how I could actualize my dreams and the University gave me a platform to try different things. 


For instance, I tried to start the French Club in Strathmore, no one ever stopped me. It was a challenge but the fact that no one put me down, gave me a reason to always believe in my dreams and to always chase them regardless of what may happen.


So Strathmore never blocked ideas. Strathmore also assisted me in my blog, my career at Google – especially when I chose to extend my internship. 


So what next for you?

A lot is on my mind! A year ago I was probably just thinking local (Kenya) but now I’m thinking global (this international space). So… I see unlimited opportunities. I see leads on how I can undertake a Master’s Program while still here. I’m thinking of rebranding my blog to Pan-AfricaYouth.dotcom so I’m hoping to get an engineer to build the platform the way I see it. I hope to travel a lot more… throwing myself into new environments. Give me a role in Singapore… I’ll go there! So… expect a lot of “crazy” moves! 


Awesome! Nothing but the best for you!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it…


Thank you for living the Strathmore spirit….

I would add that people should always believe in themselves and should never doubt their abilities. Be consistent and just keep pushing, step by step, you will get there!



We wish Esther the best in her endevours.