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Alumna Dorcus Toroitich – Studying at Strathmore Inspires my Working for KPMG

Dorcus Toroitich, a Bachelor of Commerce alumna, expresses her joy in working at KPMG, a company she desired to work in ever since she was in highschool.

Having majored in Management Science and Accounting, while studying CPAs at Strathmore University, Dorcus graduated this year, with a first class honours emerging top of her double major class. This great achievement enabled her to stand out during her KPMG interview processes, consequently enabling her to attain a position in the Tax department of the firm.

Dorcus applied to KPMG competing against 8,000 applicants. She was among 350 applicants shortlisted to start the interview processes.

Why did you study such tough courses?

I loved business and I specialized in accounting in highschool which automatically grew my passion for the subject. Immediately after highschool I joined Strathmore to study my CPAs which was in line with the career I wanted. When I joined 1st year to study the accounting, I realized that we were only required to do three other units for us to study a double major and hence picked Management Science.

What was the interview process like at KPMG?

We attended a series of interviews after being shortlisted from the application process. The first interview was an aptitude test, after which shortlisted candidates attended a group interview. After the group interview we met the Managers for what they call a Managers interview. During this interview we were given an opportunity to apply into the departments we are keen on working.


I applied to the Tax department, which was a bit risky because they were only employing 10 people. Around 50 people were being employed for audit, which everyone assumed is the best option to secure a job with the firm. But as much as the probability for Tax was lower, it was the field I wanted hence I went ahead and applied.


After the managers interview, successful candidates attended the final interview with the Partners where we were picked for our different positions.


Dorcus believes that she stood out during the interviews because she was not afraid to speak. She was honest in her responses.

I work as a Tax Associate – associate 1. This is the entry level position.

How is the working environment so far?

The KPMG work environment is fine for now, because I am still new and learning. I visit clients on some days as I familiarize myself with the environment. I am told, the workload will increase as soon as I know my way around.

How has studying at Strathmore helped your experience at KPMG?

I realize that coming from an environment where we were required to always dress professionally, I do not struggle with my dressing and I already have suits and decent wears. Some of my colleagues from other universities seem to struggle.


Also, because of doing a lot of presentations in school and having to submit my assignments through certain formats I am well conversant with the basic computer skills. Again, some of my colleagues seem to struggle in this area, especially those who did not choose to keenly learn these basics while at school.

What are your 5-10 year plans?

I always dreamt of working at KPMG, so for the next 5 years I believe I will still be working there. In 10 years’ time I hope to be a Tax Consultant.



Dorcus served in the Community Outreach Programme Macheo, where she still serves as a mentor to date. Every Saturday Dorcus will be at Strathmore teaching Macheo students, and on Sunday she will be found in church teaching Sunday school children.

When she’s not at KPMG working on Tax, or serving children, Dorcus enjoys reading.

She is the 1st born with her twin sister, and has two younger brothers. She studied at Moi High School Kabarak for her secondary studies where she obtained a mean grade of B+ in her KCSE national examination.


Congratulations Dorcus on your new appointment.