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AIESEC at Strathmore University Win Regional GCDP Entrepreneurship Award 2016

AIESEC in Strathmore won the 2016 Regional Entrepreneurship Award, where their achievements included having the highest number of IGCDP and OGCDP between 2014 and 2015. The record for IGCDP 2014 rose from 7 to 33 in 2015 and for OGCDP the number rose from 25 in 2014 to 46 in 2015. The award ceremony was held in Dabou, Ivory Coast. Among the delegates comprising of AISECERS from different countries was the Minister for Tourism in Ivory Coast. The award ceremony comprised of a four day conference.


The ceremony dubbed, African Exchange Leadership and Development Seminar, is the largest annual gathering of AIESEC in the African Region. Its main aim was developing the next generation of globally minded leaders. Its mission included; gathering young people, companies, national and international institutions to set up and develop strategies in order to stimulate creation of more leadership opportunities for African youths.


AIESEC in Strathmore would like to congratulate the Team Leaders, members and LCVP for a job well done between years 2014 to 2015. The award winners have been an inspiration to the current and future AIESECERS at Strathmore University, AIESEC in Kenya and Africa as a whole.


Article by student Paul Ngige