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A University without Adversity – 4th Year Student Jotham Okello Lauds Strathmore

As a fourth year Bachelors of Commerce (Finance and Management Science majors) student and the former Finance Executive in the governing student council, I am grateful. I express my attitude of gratitude because I am at the twilight of my studies.


With a tremendous tide of pride, I rise beautifully to the occasion to praise Strathmore University – an academe that stands tall in its call at the age and dispensation of change and challenge – a university that has conquered adversity – and has increased dominion and become a champion. It has also fed opportunities, and starved problems. I glow with proprietary pride because I am a bona fide student of this great and powerful institution. I look forward to a colourful coronation.  


I will walk out of Strathmore with immortal powers; to go, read and write. I have tapped gallons of knowledge from this fresh and fecund fountain of knowledge. I have drunk guards of knowledge and wisdom from the brilliant lecturers. My interaction with the lecturers has always been didactic in nature. I have been informed and transformed. Also, I cannot fail to mention my fellow students. They are a personification of golden virtues and values – fear of God, hard work, patience, resilience, excellence, decorum, dignity and integrity.


Today, we remember fondly and vividly the great founder of this institution – St.Josemaria Escriva. We remember the immortal and wonderful words of this great erudite and sagacious scholar. This brilliant intellectual coined soul-stimulating quotes. Quotes such as: Don’t let your life be barren, be useful. You cannot turn your back on your fellow men; you have to be anxious to make them happy: Heroism at work is to be found in finishing each task: Don’t argue, arguing seldom brings light, for the light is quenched by passion.

In the sea of challenges, Strathmore University has always emerged victorious and glorious. All of you remember the misery that confronted us last year. But with sheer determination, courage, guts and gusto – we overcame shame, got a good name and fame. We changed misfortune to fortune; pain to gain; and scars to stars. As you can see, we have transformed our tears to laughter. This can be seen in the beaming and gleaming faces that grace the today’s spectacular and colourful occasion.


In conclusion, we envision a great Strathmore University. We envision a bright and broad horizon. And the high sky is not our limit, but a refueling station. How can we say the sky is our limit yet there are indelible footprints of man in the moon?


I close with the wise words of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: If you find yourself to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep like Beethoven composed music, sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry.


Thank you. God bless you.