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Students Spotlight; Tabitha Nakholi – A Leader with a Passion

21 year old Tabitha Nandekya Nakholi is passionate about leadership and having an impact in the society. She was the 2016 Vice Chair in the Strathmore University Student Council, and has appeared in the Dean’s list since her first year.

Tabitha stands out as a people’s person, stemming from her bubbly convincing self. She is a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing and Human Resource student, who would enjoy working in both marketing and HR, to nurture her people skills.

Tabitha enrolled for the 2017 Kectil Programme for Developing Countries in Youth Leadership, learning leadership in practical ways that could contribute to improving society at large.

What is Kectil programme about?

This is an online programme that identifies and nurtures talented youth – aged 17-26 years- who have potential to make a positive impact in their communities. The students identified join a one year programme that allows them to engage in a training that teaches them ethical leadership, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation, and personal branding. They also take up assignments that require them to identify areas in the community where they can improve as leaders. The programme breeds young leaders in developing countries.

How did you get picked?

I came across an email around November last year, for students to apply for the programme and I took it up. The application process required that applicants demonstrate talent and passion in leadership. Some of the questions answered included, who our role models are, and our two-, five-, and ten- year plans. I was accepted just a week later, which was quick. We started the programme in January this year.

I was then selected to attend their conference programme set for August this year, in Atlanta, Georgia.

How was the conference tour?

We attended a full programme that ran from 26th July to 5th August, where we had to represent our countries in different topics. We discussed our countries, shared our challenges, and how we as the youth could provide solutions for those challenges. We also learnt what more we could do, borrowing from what has worked in other countries.

We had 13 countries represented at the conference, 22 students in total – 4 students from Kenya – three of us were from Strathmore University. The experience was good because I managed to interact with people from many other countries who opened my eyes to global experiences. It was a different forum from what we were learning online. We managed to engage in more practical lessons which was great.

We are coming to the end of the 2017 class, as the pioneer class. We now have a new role: to be mentors.

How did this programme tie in with your course?

The branding and networking sessions worked well for me, as I got to learn more on how to brand myself.

I had the opportunity of going back to Atlanta for a short internship with the programme. I learnt how to be a recruiter and be a social media marketer.

How can students apply for this course?

Students can go to the Kectil webpage and apply for next year’s programme. There are other programmes on opportunity.com/Africa that are also great for students to check and apply for more opportunities globally.

How do you manage your books with all these other activities?

I learnt how to follow a timetable strictly. I taught myself discipline.

I also ensured I took care of myself, you can neglect yourself when involved in so many activities.

Lastly and most important, I engaged in prayer, for God to give me wisdom on how to go about everything.

What motivates you to work hard and do well while at it?

The hope of being impactful and an inspiration everywhere I go. God has blessed me with so much, I can turn my life of blessings to be a blessing to someone else.

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?

I am starting a foundation in Busia County, to teach teenage girls leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. This is my contribution to help curb teenage pregnancies.

In the long haul, I hope to start my own Sports Marketing Consulting Firm. I used to play basketball for Strathmore – form position – but I had to stop, to focus on leadership and books. I hope to have engaged in the corporate world to gain good experience as I start my firm.