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2015 Student Council Chair Wycliffe Guguni Awarded – Exemplary Value-Based Leader

Guguni receiving his award

Wycliffe Guguni, Strathmore University 7th Student Council Chairperson, was recently awarded at the African Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF); recognized as an exemplary value based student leader.

AYLF aims at promoting exemplary leadership with a positive influence in the society.

The awarding process involved student leaders from across universities in the nation getting nominated through an online link where they submitted their Curriculum Vitae (CV). Successful nominees were then called for the first round of elimination interview and training, where numbers reduced significantly. A thorough background check and information verification took place for the remaining nominees. The checks included officials visiting leaders’ respective universities, where they interviewed students, university staff, other leaders and the university Deans. The process led to a further reduction of nominees, with the remaining team attending a second and final interview.

The results of this last interview produced the top 5 exceptional student leaders in Kenya, representing Daystar University, Maseno University, Mount Kenya University, Maasai Mara University and Strathmore University.

Guguni was recognized for his work in various projects at Strathmore University that included; Founding the African Youth Network for Empowerment and Transformation; The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – Strathmore Student Council partnership; Steering the One Heartbeat with you event and the Elimisha Stratizen Financial Aid fun run; and being diplomatically involved in the management of the drill crisis where he peacefully got involved in conducting investigations after the drill crisis.

The exemplary leader was awarded a Kshs. 50,000 cheque, with 50% of the money going back to African Youth Network for Empowerment and Transformation projects. He was also awarded an AYLF soapstone curving.

Guguni attests to the fact that the award has represented steps towards the right direction in providing solutions that will challenge bad leadership in Africa. He recognizes that this award is an investment that promises positive change returns years to come, steps that make him hopeful towards this future.

The 2015 student leader is currently working at the Sidian Bank Head office in the Centre of Operations.


“Value based leadership doesn’t require a position. Rather it requires self-awareness, a moral conviction, the courage to step up for what is right and committed humility to serve others. This rare combination can sometimes require you to do things that are unpopular. It might sometimes cost you more than you would have predicted. Value based leadership will test the extent to which you can sacrifice self-interest for the sake of common good (Community interest). However, it always proves to be worth the sacrifice. Pursue it!” he states.