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2014 Graduation: Jamal Mohamed Hassan

Outstanding student, all-rounded Jamal Mohamed has been described as a jack of all trades. He has had an exciting time during his 4 years tenure at Strathmore University, amongst them; making it to the first- class honors graduation list in BBIT class of 2014, successfully captaining the Strathmore soccer team (2011-2012), serving as Vice President, Students Council (2012-2013), and effectively organizing annual sports tournaments and mentorship programs.


In his own words, Jamal has this to say:     


Who is Jamal?

I am the first born in a family of six, which obviously tags a share of responsibilities in the family.  While growing up, I suffered poor health spending a lot time of my childhood in hospitals. Despite all those challenges, I passed very well in primary school and joined Sheikh Khalifa Secondary School-Mombasa. All through, God and my family have been the bedrock of all that I have achieved.


How did you join Strathmore?

Living in the vicinity of the university I got to know of its reputation. I joined Strathmore with the dream of being an accountant and enrolled in ACCA, not knowing what fate had in store; life took a different turn, and I am now graduating with a degree in BBIT.


How has being in University helped you grow?

 I expected to find an environment which would help build on my level of education, but my expectations have been surpassed by what I have experienced in Strathmore. I would be lying if I said my growth curve has been smooth all the way. The low moments were many, however, I have not let them weigh me down; the high moments have made it really worthwhile. Looking back, joining Strathmore was the best decisions I have ever made.


When did you take up sports and tell us of involvement in the soccer team

I have loved football since I was 6 years old, back then, we would make a football by hand using old socks stashed in a polythene plastic bag. I took my sporting abilities to a higher level in secondary school, where I was captain of both soccer and volleyball teams, and surprisingly I played for the basketball team. Soon after joining the University, I established contact with the SU FC team during tournaments and from then, I would join in training sessions, even while on holidays.


What leadership skills does one require to lead a soccer team?

Leading the SU FC has been an amazing experience while at the same time challenging.  With an experienced coach like Mickey Weche who demands nothing short of the best, he pushes you to deliver results. I have learnt a lot from the coach and my colleagues as well.


What inspires and motivates you?

My source of inspiration has been God. I have looked up to my mother for the longest time, nonetheless, I got the opportunity to interact with great individuals in Strathmore who helped shape me. To begin with; my mentor Paul Ochieng, Dr. Njenga, Prof Sperling, our dear VC Prof Odhiambo, Dr Sotz, Mr. Maingi, Mr. Ojiambo, Mr. Patrick Kibui, my coach Mickey Weche. I would not leave out Michael Owiti as well as the university support staff in transport department.


Share some of the challenges and how did you overcame them?

My greatest challenge is my quest to deliver significant results in all aspects, academics, sports and even in leadership at Students’ Council. I would say that I have consistently used 3 key aspects to overcome all challenges namely, prayer, mentorship and family. These 3 have seen me overcome numerous challenges in my life.


How did you manage to balance leadership, sports and academics?

I believe there is no secret remedy in successfully balancing the three, as it all depends on what one sets their mind on.


Finally, your parting shot

The purpose of life is a life of purpose; when it comes to finding one’s purpose, one has to strive to lead a positive life viewing one’s mistakes not as a weakness, but as opportunities to propel growth and where the prefix ‘im’ in impossible is silent. Above all, let God be your source of comfort and guidance.