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19 Strathmore School of Commerce students on a learning journey in Switzerland

Tucked in the Northeastern part of Switzerland is the picturesque and charming city St. Gallen. The beauty of the landscape with its rolling hills and snowy Alps in the distant background is irresistible to fall in love with. This city is home to St Gallen University, one of Europe’s leading business universities that is hosting Strathmore University students of commerce for two weeks that began on the 26th October 2015.

As part of the partnership between Strathmore University and St Gallen University, 19 students from the School of Management and Commerce (SMC) are in Switzerland for a customized student programme that involves an intense and unique learning journey.

Last week, the Bachelor of Commerce students from Strathmore University were split into two groups with the first 13 students taking part in a seminar titled ‘Doing Business in Africa.’ For this seminar, they were joined by 30 students from St. Gallen and the discussions were steered by Dr Robert Mudida from Strathmore University and Dr. Chris Ogbechie from the Lagos business School. For one week, the diverse group had a dynamic and innovative space to learn not only about the application of business concepts, but also explore the students mixed opinions about the African continent as a destination for doing business.

According to Cindy, a fourth year B.Com student from Strathmore, the exchange programme has been an eye-opening experience.

“I have learnt so much and I would greatly encourage students to take up such a fantastic opportunity provided by Strathmore University. With the world becoming smaller every year and the global economy more and more interlinked, as a business student, the competitive edge that cultural competence gives you is crucial and exchange is a fantastic way to build these valuable skills and also a way to have fun at the same time!”


The second group of six students from Strathmore took up internship at the offices for St. Gallen Symposium. The symposium is an annual event that takes place in May at the university and enjoys a global appeal as it brings together some of the world’s most influential figures in business, politics and other sectors.

It is organized by a team of students from St. Gallen and provides a good setting for relevant debates between leaders of today and tomorrow on topics of management, politics and civil society. Learning outcomes from the internship will be crucial lessons on how to develop healthy debates and topics that can spark positive discussion with our leaders in Kenya and from across the globe, all with the aim of preparing a symposium back at Strathmore.


Andrew Maina, a Strathmore student in his fourth year who was interning at the St Gallen Symposium office believes the Swiss way of life has left a huge impact on his life.

“Switzerland is a particularly organized country, St Gallen University is no different. In general, this exchange experience has been valuable in not only developing me in terms of knowledge and cultural understanding, but for every aspect of my life. I have learnt so much about myself and those around me by living in a new location and having to adapt to the different methods of teaching. These are all great for character building.”


The exchange programme between Strathmore School of Management and Commerce and St Gallen University is still on for another week and ends on the 9th of November 2015. We wish them a great learning journey!


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