Wings of Compassion: A Lantern of Hope for Survivors of Trauma Survivors


In a world often blemished by heart-breaking stories, there are places that shine as beacons of hope and resilience. Wings of Compassion, located in Marurui, is one such place that extends a lifeline to young mothers who have faced unimaginable adversity. This rescue home offers solace, education, and support to very young women who have been sexually abducted at a tender age, and in some instances, even endured the horrors of incest.

Founded by the dedicated Tabitha Kangethe, Wings of Compassion is more than just a shelter; it’s a sanctuary that empowers young women to reclaim their lives and dreams. The path to recovery at this remarkable institution is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, resilience, and the transformative power of faith.

The heart-warming story of Wings of Compassion features a range of activities designed to provide love, support, and rehabilitation to these brave young women. During a recent service to society event, the People and Culture department had the privilege of getting involved in various activities., The Community Service Centre (CSC) department supplied paint to the People and culture department who organized, and had the privilege of visiting this home to live the Strathmore University value of ‘service to society’.

The PnC team activity as stated in the  values they painted their walls, spent quality time by sharing stories with the children, and prepared meals for these young mothers and their children. Some attendees who seemed to find painting an uphill task to be a little bit uncomfortable opted to find comfort in being the second mothers to the kids in this sanctuary. From singing, dancing, and acting as mediators to the endless sibling rivalry cases brought by these lovely children, they were kept busy.

In a touching interview with one of the survivors, the immense impact of Wings of Compassion became abundantly clear. The young mother expressed her gratitude and described her time at the rescue home as the best thing that ever happened in her life. Despite the challenges of early motherhood, she went back returned to school and pursued a diploma in cosmetology. She and is currently undergoing an internship. Her inspiring journey is just one of many that demonstrate the remarkable transformations happening at Wings of Compassion.

Many of the cases brought to Wings of Compassion start as police cases, which should typically undergo specific legal procedures before a survivor can be taken in by the rescue home. Allegedly, some relatives try to trace and take back these children, but they tend to reject them because they already feel at home at the Wings of Compassion. 

These survivors have experienced unimaginable trauma that can profoundly affect their perception of men. However, through counselling and the support of the community at Wings of Compassion, they gradually neutralise this fear, healing both their hearts and their minds. Remarkably, several weddings have been celebrated at the home, symbolising not only the healing process but also the triumph of love over adversity.

The founder of this sanctuary, Tabitha Kangethe, is a beacon of hope herself. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to these young women have created a haven where they can rebuild their lives, regain their self-worth, and find hope for a brighter future.

The CSC department supplied paint to the People and culture department who organized, had the privilege of visiting this home for the service to society activity as stated in the Strathmore University values. Some of the department’s attendees had heartfelt reflections to share. Esther expressed, “I feel inspired and grateful because I have touched someone’s life in a meaningful way.” Nora added, “Everyone should try this out because it makes one appreciate what they have.”

Wings of Compassion is not just a rescue home; it’s a symbol of love, hope, and resilience. The stories of transformation happening here remind us that even in the face of immense adversity, the human spirit can rise, and survivors can reclaim their lives and dreams. With the support of kind-hearted individuals like Tabitha Kangethe and the dedication of different team’s,  organisations like the People and Culture department, these survivors can look forward to a brighter future, one filled with love, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose. Wings of Compassion is a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit and the power of community coming together to make a difference.

Article Written By Evans Ijakaa.


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