Welcoming New Male Employees to Strathmore Culture


Tigoni study center hosted the new male staff employees for a three-day mentorship seminar from May 13-15, 2024, culminating the induction process organized by the People and Culture Department of Strathmore University for every new staff member. The seminar left the newly inducted male staff with the profound understanding that leadership is more than just a job title—it’s a journey. New male employees were drawn from different departments in the university, to help them navigate the challenges of their new roles, teamwork, communication, and most importantly the Strathmore culture. The training is geared towards helping them navigate the new working environment with grace and assurance.

The seminar had different speakers who addressed specific issues, laying down a firm foundation to the university’s pillars, values, mission, and vision. Presenters discussed their own experiences, successes, and setbacks, providing invaluable insights into the complex world of leadership. Every statement, from overcoming obstacles to encouraging creativity, struck a chord with the attentive ears of the listeners, kindling a fire of resolve inside them.

The seminar’s focus on interactive workshops and hands-on learning was one of its main features. Participants were encouraged to move outside of their comfort zones through various activities and role-playing scenarios, which improved their capacity to make decisions and lead with conviction.

The seminar also focused on emotional intelligence and effective communication, as essential components of influential leadership at the workplace. Attendees gained the skills necessary to foster solid interpersonal bonds and encourage peer trust through sessions on active listening, dispute resolution, and the different personality traits at the workplace through a session facilitated by Dr. John Mutisya, Director, Mentoring Services.

 The sounds of lively conversations and laughing filled the study center as the second day came to an end, and the male staff were treated to a barbecue that provided an avenue to bond and share the knowledge acquired.

On the third day, in a session facilitated by Mrs. Martha Ogonjo, Manager, Communications Office, the male staff learned about the importance of forming long-lasting bonds that would positively impact both their personal and workplace relationships. 

Throughout the seminar, attendees received spiritual nourishment from the Chaplaincy Department of the University through conducting daily mass and spiritual-based sessions during the day by Father Paul.

The Leadership Seminar is a tribute to Strathmore University’s unwavering commitment to empowering and developing the next generation of male leaders in the ever-evolving corporate world.

Article written by: Antony Muema

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