Warren Concrete Ltd and Impala Glass Company partner with CSC to support Macheo School in Kangemi


In a world where education is a fundamental human right, it is saddening to witness the financially underprivileged struggle to access quality education.The reality is that poverty often deprives children in slums a chance to attend school or to obtain education that can be instrumental in unlocking their potential.

To help bridge this gap, Macheo, a program under Strathmore Community Service Center, has been making waves in the education sector. This programme is focused and dedicated on providing community service and academic support to underprivileged students in  Kibera, Kangemi and Mukuru slums.

Macheo has also provided the students with a campus experience and exposure that they would not have otherwise had. Through the program, students are mentored and guided through sessions they have every Saturday and during school  holidays.The students also take educational trips to the University where they interact with students and professors, and get a taste of what university life is like.

This year, in March, the programme took a massive leap forward by partnering with Impala Glass Industry, a glass company within Nairobi, to install brand-new glass windows in one of the schools, Oasis Mixed Secondary School.

The school is located in a sloppy area in Kangemi – an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, it has 186 students and nine teachers. Ever since the school  was constructed, the classrooms have never been fitted with windows and smooth floors. You can imagine the condition during rainy and windy seasons.

Macheo teamed up with a slabs company, Warren Concrete, to provide  new durable floors. The dark, dreary classrooms were eventually transformed into bright, inviting spaces where students can thrive. The transformation is nothing short of magical… According to the school principal, the performance of the students has improved because the students can now learn in a suitable environment, which is good for their wellness.; The teachers too can now teach without distractions.

Even then, Macheo’s impact goes beyond providing secondary school support and infrastructure development. It’s about transforming the lives of these students. Fifteen students from the school are enrolled in the programme and are receiving both academic and personal support. They are equipped with life skills that empower them to succeed in school and beyond. The programme nurtures essential qualities such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking, allowing students to reach their full potential.

The results of the programme speak for themselves: two students from the school have joined good universities in the country. One of them is in the Strathmore University graduating class of 2023, and the other one is pursuing a degree at Eldoret University. The hope in their eyes is unmistakable, knowing that they have the power to shape their futures. The programme’s impact therefore extends beyond the students; it has touched the community, instilling hope and purpose.

Macheo is a powerful reminder that education is more than just learning to read and write; it’s about empowering individuals to create a better world. It’s a testament to the human spirit, showing that with a little help, we can all achieve our dreams.


This article was written by Rachael Wangui Wanjohi, third year Communications student.

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What’s your story? We’d like to hear it. Contact us via communications@strathmore.edu


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