Vicky Miriti: From Stage Dreams to Legal Prowess 


Meet Vicky Miriti, a soon-to-be graduate from Strathmore Law School, whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Balancing rigorous academics with extracurricular activities, Vicky has emerged as a standout student ready to take on the world as she prepares to don her cap and gown on June 28th.

Interestingly, Vicky’s journey into law wasn’t always her only preferred career path . “I was actually thinking about Law or going into theater production,” she admits with a laugh. The decision to pursue law came from her love of research and writing, and as she reflects, “luckily for me when I came I really liked it.”

Vicky’s tenure at Strathmore was marked by a mix of rigorous academic demands and enriching extracurricular activities. “I guess I feel happy now because I’m done,” she reflects on her experience, acknowledging the intense pressure of exams and continuous assessments. Despite the challenges, she found immense value in the diverse learning opportunities, from listening to lecturers to engaging in practical activities like moot court competitions.

Her involvement in moot court competitions is a standout element of her law school experience. “Last year I was doing Moot… I did the John H. Jackson competition and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) after that for about six months,” she shares. Her dedication to mooting saw her team achieve significant milestones, including reaching the quarterfinals at the global round in one competition. Though they didn’t clinch the top spot, the journey was rewarding. “The whole process was really unique,” Vicky recounts with a smile.

Navigating the “bulk of the work” was a significant challenge, but Vicky’s strategy was simple yet effective: “Take it slowly slowly and you’ll just finish.” Her ability to manage the workload and maintain a balanced approach is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Vicky also reflects on her proudest moments, including being a research assistant for a lecturer and earning an individual award of the “Best final speaker” in a moot competition. These achievements are milestones that mark her journey of growth and success. Looking back, she cherishes the travel opportunities and academic trips, particularly the trip to the Netherlands and moot competitions in Geneva and India. These experiences enriched her education and broadened her horizons.

Vicky’s advice for incoming students is both practical and encouraging: “Take it easy, it’s a good thing to have all the readings done, it’s not the end of the world if you miss one unit you can do better next time.” Her balanced approach to academics and life serves as valuable guidance for those who follow.

As she prepares to leave Strathmore, Vicky’s focus has shifted to the future. “Now that I’ve finished, obviously job applications are pretty big right now,” she notes, acknowledging the competitive job market. Her aspirations are clear: she wants to be a litigator, represent countries at international levels , and continue her passion for research. Her next steps include attending the Kenya School of Law (KSL) and pursuing a master’s degree. “I want to gain much experience,” she says, eager to continue her journey of learning and growth.

She will miss the structured environment of Strathmore, a place that provided a solid foundation for her future endeavors. As she steps into the next phase of her career, her story stands as a shining example of what dedication, resilience, and passion can achieve.

In her own words, Vicky’s time at Strathmore was a blend of “lots of work” and “lots of fun,” a journey that has prepared her well for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We wish her all the best as she steps into her promising future.

Article written by: Isha Rukiko Geneviève

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