Treasured memories with my father


Dads are known for their unique way of bringing joy, laughter, and a sense of adventure into their children’s lives. Whether it’s through their silly jokes, creative problem-solving skills, or pranks, dads always find a way to make everyday fun and memorable.

Warren shares some of the memorable experiences with his father. “One common thing we have with my father is love for animals. To satisfy our passion, we rescued some three stray dogs and before we realized it, we had a total of 14 dogs in our compound. We haven’t had many dogs after that but that one heck of an adventure.

Something unique…well not really unique but rather interesting is his love for planting trees. Any opportunity he gets to plant trees he will definitely do it and encourage those around him to do so as well.

My number one nickname for my father is “Governor” this is a name his brother used to call him. I’m not really sure how he got the name but my lucky guess would be because he is always the one organizing and controlling things, typically a governor if you ask me.

Just like all fathers should do, my father has fed me several pieces of advice. My unique and one that is always in my mind is “do it for your own good”. He has told me this several times and still does. He says everything someone should do is for their own good and not to please others. I think that guides me everyday.

What’s the most memorable prank your dad has pulled on you?

“I remember back in primary school, during the tuition era, parents/guardians would bring meals for their children. Having left the house with my lunch order in place I knew what to expect for lunch. My dad brought  me my meals on time but he told me he packed githeri. Well disappointed but not in a position to complain due to how I was raised, I thanked him and proceeded to enjoy what had been brought. To my surprise, it was exactly what I ordered and something extra. Safe to say he had me in the first half.”

If your dad were a fictional character, who would he be and why?

“Well I have never really thought of this but now thinking of it, I would compare him to Kevin Hart. A balance between a funny character and a present parent.”


This article has been written by Louise Akinyi.

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