Top Picks of 2022: Mental Health Club and Scorpions shine at the Sports and Clubs Gala


The Strathmore University Sports and Clubs Gala Awards event, held on June 5th 2023, was a celebration of outstanding performances of students in clubs and sports activities in the previous year.

The event started with a play performed by the Drama Club (DRAMSOC) that was based on the play “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” written by Italian playwright, Dario Fo. The original play is a political farce that satirizes corruption and abuse of power within the police and justice system. Exploring the themes of deception, authority, and the manipulation of the justice system, the play depicted a student by the name “ James” who found himself entangled in various disciplinary cases due to allegations of impersonating a BCOM student, a fashion cop, and even acting as a parent representing a student in a disciplinary hearing! His repeated denials “ DENY! DENY DENY” as his lawyer, present on scene, persistently instructed him to say before the disciplinary panel, accompanied by comical gestures or expressions, added a comedic effect, creating a memorable and entertaining moment.

This year’s #SUClubsAndSportsGala was graced by the presence of Faith Basiye, Head of Forensic Services at KCB Group. She gave valuable advice to the students, inspiring them to;

💥Seize the moment and make the most of every opportunity

⚽️Engage in extracurricular activities for confidence development

💪Have an indomitable spirit

AWARDS – Sports

Paul Ochieng’, the Dean of Students, expressed his heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to all the students who actively participated in sports activities during the 2022 -2023 season.

The dedication, determination, and hard work that each of you displayed on the field, court, or track are truly commendable. We are proud of our Strathletes representing Kenya in the different national sports teams such as rugby and hockey. ”

The atmosphere at the Main Auditorium was electrifying as the awards ceremony progressed. The anticipation grew with each player being called out to receive their well-deserved accolades. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, showing their appreciation for the athletes’ hard work and dedication.

The Ladies Hockey team ( Scorpions) scooped the “Sports Team of the Year” award. They won the KHU 2022 Premier League title unbeaten, which earned the team a slot to participate in the Africa Cup for Club Champions. They also  secured the gold at the 2023 KUSA Nationals; not to mention the numerous games they won in the Women’s Hockey Premier League competition. The list is endless. Indeed, they are a team to watch out for!

As the rugby team’s turn came, the room filled with an intense energy. One by one, the players were called up to the stage to receive their awards. But after each player received their award, they paused for a moment, bringing the ceremony to a temporary halt. In that moment of silence, the entire team joined hands, raising their voices in unison. With pride, they shouted their team slogan, “Leos, tuko! 27!”  while they pounded their chests, symbolizing the heart and resilience they poured into their sport.  It represented their dedication to giving their best effort, day in and day out.  The unity and camaraderie displayed by the team left an indelible mark on the ceremony.

This year’s “Coach of the Year” award went to Mr. Ronald Owino, the Basketball Women’s Coach. His dedication, hard work and commitment to nurturing the skills of the players indeed reflected in the team’s accomplishments and success in basketball leagues in the year 2022.

AWARDS – Clubs

The Mental Health Club scooped the “Best Club of the Year” award! Winning this award for the second consecutive time truly reflects the club’s dedication, impact, and the positive influence it has had on campus. They were also awarded the “Best Ambassadors of the University” for promoting mental wellness in the University.

The SDG Hub received two awards, “Best Environmental Sustainability Program” and “Best Club Social Responsibility” during the Gala Awards Celebration,which coincided with the commemoration of World Environment Day (5th June 2023) adding significance to the award. Their outstanding efforts and dedication to promoting sustainability practices on campus include; the installation of Africa Collect Textiles bins outside STC to reduce textile waste and extend the life cycle of clothing through upcycling as well as the sale of eco-friendly pens and pencils made from natural and recycled materials.

Fun fact; Did you know that the pencils come with plant seed capsules, allowing users to grow plants from them?

Renson Nyongesa, a representative of the SDG Hub club, played an important role in engaging the crowd during the event and encouraging them to say “SDGs na MaYouth.” This action signified the club’s active contribution and advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here’s a list of the awards;

Most rewarding club – SCESA, Debate Club and Business Club

Best club with a vibrant and active social media presence – SUMG, the Stratizen

Most Enterprising Club – SCESA

Outstanding club in terms of collaboration and partnership – SCESA

Most promising club – Art Club

Best Club report – Business School

Dean’s award; Pauline Gethi -Mental Health Club, and Sulafa Abdirahman -DRAMSOC

This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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