This is #StrathMoreWinning at the Annual Kenya MUN 3rd Mock Debate


We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”  – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Over the weekend, around 40 students from the Strathmore Model United Nations Club participated in the Annual Kenya MUN 3rd Mock Debate hosted at the University of Nairobi –  Mombasa Campus. 

Alongside various students from different universities in Kenya, they engaged in in-depth research and debates, simulating important issues affecting Kenya and the world at large. The topics covered were; Africa’s economic trajectory, Green Energy and Climate Change, Global Security, Kenya’s VISA-free policy, and Humanitarian concerns such as Education and LGBTQ+, among other topics.

Strathmore University proudly earned the title of the best chapter/university, with Tatiana Gicheru, Under Secretary General (USG) of Strathmore MUN, recognized as the Best Judge. Additionally, Bayaan Mohamed, Deputy Communications Director at the club, received the award for the best orator. Alongside these achievements, special mentions celebrated noteworthy contributions, marking a triumphant moment for Strathmore MUN.


#KeepWinning. Congratulations!


Article Written by Tatiana Gicheru, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies student and Under Secretary General (USG) of Strathmore MUN

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