The synergy of science and dance: Gor Titus’ journey



In the world of professionals, some careers appear to be as different as night and day. Take, for instance, the roles of a Medical Lab Technologist and a Zumba/ Fitness trainer – they couldn’t be more distinct, right? Well, think again.

Meet Gor Titus, a professional who has managed to uncover unexpected commonalities between these seemingly polar opposite worlds. His journey is a fascinating tale of how his roles as a Lab Technologist and a Zumba Specialist have not only coexisted but thrived in harmony.

During his college years, Gor discovered his passion for dance, particularly Salsa, and fitness, which he enthusiastically pursued for three years. This deep connection to dance ignited a spark within him to unite those who share a passion for zumba and aerobics, fostering both fitness and the joy of dancing together. His evenings were predominantly dedicated to training, a pursuit he adores. As time went by, his passion propelled him to achieve certification as an ISSA Elite Fitness Trainer and a Zumba International Network (ZIN) licensed Zumba coach.

With a background in Medical Laboratory Science, Gor embarked on a journey as a Lab Technologist at the Centre for Research in Therapeutic Sciences (CREATES). His work played a vital role in advancing cutting-edge research in Therapeutic Sciences and medical genetics, particularly focused on pressing health issues in Kenya and the wider East African Region. From 2018 to 2022, he immersed himself in clinical trials, contributing significantly to the understanding and treatment of diseases with major public health implications. In 2022, he was promoted to the position of Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist at the University Medical Centre.

How do the two work? Where’s the similarity?

There are more similarities than one might think. Gor’s unwavering mantra is clear: if you possess the ability to excel in something, seize the opportunity. Both realms share a common thread – the ability to impact lives. On campus, at the Medical Centre, he works alongside two colleagues; Mathew Mwangangi Muthama and Ayub Githaiga Kariuki. Surprisingly, they all share a common passion – Zumba! Perhaps it’s a lab tech thing? At work, they strive towards delivering accurate diagnoses to patients and ultimately resulting in better healthcare services. On the flip side, whether it’s one step, two step or three steps, Zumba elevates your heart and soul to a new height. Gor eagerly anticipates these sessions every evening knowing that he can help his clients de-stress from the day’s activities.

Leadership is his forte, and he excels in guiding others, whether in dance or science. His crucial role is that of ensuring that everyone in his team is aligned with the same vision. From regular training sessions that expose them to the expertise of others, allowing them to continually refine their skills, to team buildings that ensure that they enforce a team spirit while dispensing their duties.  Gor  brings the same inclusive and encouraging approach to Zumba. He doesn’t overlook those with two left feet but instead showcases resilience, recognizing that some participants are on a fitness journey of their own. And by infusing various music genres, including Zouk, Afrobeat, Bachata, lingala, Kizomba and Bhangra, he keeps the energy levels high and participants engaged.

His story serves as an inspiring example of how one can find fulfillment in embracing diverse passions, ultimately enriching both personal and professional life. So, next time you think that science and dance have nothing in common, remember Gor Titus, the maestro who dances to the rhythm of both worlds.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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