SU Convocation; You are the future, and the world awaits your contributions!


On the 25th of October 2023, a striking sight adorned the Strathmore University campus: a sea of students dressed in the distinguished black and white hues of academia, proudly wearing #SU lapel pins and academic cords around their necks. This vibrant gathering marked the arrival of our newest family members – the enthusiastic first-year students!

In line with the profound spirit of “Ut omnes unum sint,” a phrase that resonates with the message of unity; “…that all may be one,” we hosted a convocation ceremony , – a grand gesture to usher in the #ClassOf2027 and #ClassOf2028, uniting them officially within the vibrant Strathmore Family.

The day’s programme commenced with an inspiring address from the Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Ochieng’, who congratulated the students for joining the Strathmore Community. He shared three invaluable life hacks for their Strathmore journey:

  • Ask Questions: Be inquisitive, for curiosity fuels knowledge.
  • Get Involved: Remember, you are Strathmore! Your active participation enriches our university.
  • Challenge Yourself: Growth lies beyond your comfort zone; embrace challenges as opportunities.

We are Stratizens!

As “Stratizens,” these students embark on an academic voyage guided by the wisdom of Dr. Vincent Ogutu, the Vice Chancellor. He likened their university experience to a quest for hidden treasures, urging them to be intrepid explorers. He encouraged them to “dive into the myriad of extracurricular activities, seek out mentors who will be your guiding stars, and embark on an exciting adventure to unveil the rich and diverse canvas of campus life.” 

Yet, the true treasures lie in friendships and connections. With peers representing over 40 nationalities, students stand at the brink of an unparalleled global experience. Embracing this diversity, they’ll not only find support but also gain a broader perspective on life.

Amidst the newfound freedom of college life, Rev. Dr. Fr. Silvano Ochuodho, Pro- Chancellor, offered a crucial reminder. He urged students to exercise their freedom responsibly, upholding Strathmore’s principles and values. “You are the architects of your destiny,” he emphasized, highlighting the importance of making positive choices that impact both immediate surroundings and the wider world.

To the #ClassOf2027 and #ClassOf2028, the world eagerly awaits your contributions. As you embark on this exceptional journey, remember: your choices shape your future. Congratulations, and welcome to Strathmore University!

#KaribuSU #ClassOf2027 and #ClassOf2028

Article written by Jemmy M. Kamau

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