Stratizens elect the 14th Student Council


On 9th September 2022, voting kicked off at 9am with a college of voters logging in to the online (e-learning) system to cast their votes for their preferred candidates who will constitute the  14th Student Council. The polls were closed at 12pm and results expected eagerly within the next hour.

At 12.45pm, Stratizens were glued to their laptops and smartphones eager as Paul Ochieng’, the Dean of Students, announced the elected candidates.

The elected members of the Council are:

President: Ted Iha, Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Vice President: Jeff Melita, Bachelor of Laws

Secretary General: Alisha Muraguri, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Finance Representative: Doris Kasaizi, Bachelor of Financial Services

Male Academic Representative: Gideon Wafula, Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computer Science

Female Academic Representative: Lulu Sorobit, Bachelor of Laws

Male Sports Representative: John Aswani, Bachelor of Financial Services

Female Sports Representative: Venessa Selina Sudi, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Management

Public Relations: Trish Syokau, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations


To the incoming 14th Student Council, “Ut omnes unum sint”! Congratulations!


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.

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