Strathmore University’s Role in Kenya’s Family Promotion Policy


Strathmore University, through its Centre for Research on Organizations’ Work & Family (CROWF) and the Institute for Family Studies played pivotal roles in the recent launch of Kenya’s National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection. This initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in 2014, aims to empower families and strengthen societal values for sustainable development.

The official launch of this policy took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) during the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of families and the International Day of Families celebrated every 15th of May, 2024.

With the theme ‘Climate Change and Impact on Family’s Well-being,’ the event was graced by the First Lady, H.E. Rachel Ruto, who emphasized the importance of positive parenting in nurturing children’s development through a nurturing, empowering, and non-violent approach.

Florence Bore, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, lauded the policy for its strategic interventions aimed at fostering stable and cohesive families across the nation.

These interventions of the policy cover a broad spectrum, including marriage, parenting, religion, culture, family education, health, economy, safety, security, vulnerability, social protection, media, technology, and the environment.

Prof. Izael Da Silva, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation delivered a keynote address on ‘Climate Change and the Family.’ He highlighted Strathmore University’s comprehensive approach to family well-being, encompassing holistic education, strengthening paternal roles, and supporting family businesses. Addressing the pressing issue of climate change, he illustrated how neglecting environmental sustainability can complicate societal roles. He urged everyone to prioritize green practices, saying our collective efforts must focus on preserving our planet as there is no alternative.

Raymond Mutura, Director of CROWF and a member of the Technical Working Group that drafted the policy, highlighted the university’s integral involvement in this initiative that led two research centres to put their entire might in it.

As part of its contribution, Strathmore University leveraged insights from its diverse programs focused on family enrichment, character formation education, support for family businesses, research initiatives, and strategic partnerships—including with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Development’s family-focused efforts. These experiences provided valuable clarity on key family issues and informed targeted interventions.

The National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection, which aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya’s Constitution, underscores the family as the natural and fundamental unit of society deserving state recognition and protection. This alignment is supported by research led by Dr. Jane Wathuta, Director of the Institute of Family Studies. By addressing challenges such as the erosion of values, imbalanced work-life priorities, and social breakdown, this policy aims to foster an enabling environment for family well-being and their vital role in Kenya’s socio-economic development.

According to Raymond, Strathmore University remains committed to advancing these objectives and looks forward to continued collaboration with stakeholders to promote family well-being and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.  As a next step, Strathmore is liaising with all key stakeholders on family in Kenya to work towards an annual report of the State of the Family, a key output of the policy.

“Through CROWF’s innovative initiatives, the university continues to be at the forefront of fostering positive change and strengthening families in Kenya,” said the Director.

Article written by: Stephen Wakhu

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