Strathmore University 2nd Annual Table Tennis Open Mega Challenge, aligned to 1st Annual Strathmore Family Week


The Strathmore University Table Tennis Club  (SUTTC) proudly announces the dates for its forthcoming annual table tennis tournament, which will take place on 18th and 19th May 2024, in Nairobi, Kenya. Building on the success of last year’s event, which saw a remarkable turnout of around 250 participants, including athletes from Kenya and Ugandan, and representatives of various leaders and institutions, this year’s tournament is a follow up and it is expected to attract a large table tennis community from Kenya and the larger East Africa. This is the first tournament to be aligned to the Strathmore Family Week.

Strathmore Family Week is a culmination of efforts in the past 10 years of Strathmore’s efforts to remind Kenyans of Article 45 of the constitution that states: “The family is the natural and fundamental unit of society and the necessary basis of social order and shall enjoy the recognition and protection of the State”. The Kenyan Cabinet approved the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection on 2nd, October 2023. Among the ten thematic areas of the policy is the Family Health section that, among others, seeks to “promote and encourage the development of recreational and sports facilities within neighborhoods”.

Other activities during Strathmore Family Week include: Work and Family Family Researchers’ Network academic meeting, 3rd Family Business Day and Graduation, and a celebration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and other partners for the UN 30th International Day of the Family/UN International Year of the Family. Additionally, there will be a  Program for Family Development and  Enrichment, and Educating in Character Formation Congress. The weekend will culminate in a sports event – the 2nd SU Table Tennis Annual Tournament. 


The 2nd SU TT tournament aims to be more inclusive and expansive, with events such as ladies and men’s singles, boys and girls Under 18, and a mixed team event (that will also include family members). We shall aim to attract TT players from high school and use this opportunity to showcase emerging TT talent. These events underscore SUTTC’s agenda to fostering family involvement in the sport, mentoring young talent, and facilitating a platform for the exchange of ideas and the nurturing of emerging athletes.

This year, SUTTC is dedicated to not just hosting a tournament but creating an ecosystem that supports the growth and development of the table tennis community. With a larger prize pool for top athletes, the tournament is designed to offer rewards and recognition for a broader range of participants, ensuring there is something for everyone by the event’s conclusion.

In our quest for a more inclusive and diverse tournament, we are actively seeking partnerships with sponsors and collaborators. These partnerships will not only enhance the tournament experience for all involved, but also ensure that we can provide a meaningful avenue for the maturation of young talent and the broader table tennis community.


By incorporating a variety of events and a focus on family participation, SUTTC aims to promote table tennis as a sport for all, regardless of age or skill level. Our goal is to bring together the table tennis community in a celebration of sportsmanship, diversity, and unity, making the tournament a landmark event in the region’s annual sporting calendar.

To ensure the success of this event and avoid any scheduling conflicts within the table tennis community, we encourage other organizations and clubs to block their May 2024 calendars. Your support and participation are vital as we aim to elevate the profile of table tennis and provide a platform for talent to thrive in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Stay tuned for more updates, including detailed information on registration, sponsorship opportunities, and event programming. Together, let’s make the SUTTC 2024 May Open Mega Challenge a milestone in the promotion of table tennis and its values.


About Strathmore University Table Tennis Club (SUTTC)

The Strathmore University Table Tennis Club is committed to the promotion of table tennis within the university and the wider community. Focused on inclusivity, skill development, and competitive excellence, SUTTC offers a vibrant platform for players of all levels to engage with the sport and compete in a supportive environment.


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