Strathmore Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP): Elevating the Educational Landscape


On the 13th of October 2023, the Strathmore Teacher Enhancement Program conducted a  needs assessment at St. Luke’s School of Health Sciences in Kinangop, Nyandarua County. This assessment aimed to evaluate the training requirements for both the School Tutors and the institution’s Management.

In attendance at the event were: Mr. Anthony Maina, the Head of Professional courses at  Strathmore Institute (SI), and Mr. Patrick Kibui, who has  vast knowledge in the Education Sector and a facilitator in STEP. The chairman of the board of the Institution, Fr. Jack Wainaina, together with the acting Principal, Mr. Ken Okwalo, were in attendance too. The meeting marked the start of a partnership between Strathmore Institute (SI) and St Luke’s School of Health Sciences.

St. Luke’s School of Health Sciences was established in 1991 by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops. The college offers both diploma and certificate courses in health sciences. 

 It is just one of the many institutions that have partnered with STEP, and these collaborations have blossomed into strong relationships. The mutual respect and shared goals have laid the foundation for a brighter educational future. Through partnerships like these, Strathmore Teacher Enhancement Program has extended its influence not only across Kenya but also to other East and West African countries.

The cumulative effect of these partnerships and programs is an improvement in the knowledge, skills, and overall effectiveness of educators in the classroom. Through STEP, we strive for the betterment of education, not only in Kenya but throughout the African continent. 

 Strathmore Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP) was founded in 2002 with a clear mission: to elevate the knowledge, skills, and overall effectiveness of educators in the classroom. At its core, STEP was designed to empower teachers to enhance their teaching methods, instructional techniques, and professional capabilities. 

The program’s objectives may adapt to cater to the unique needs of teachers and schools, but its overarching aim remains steadfast – to foster a brighter future through the continuous development of our educators. The impact of Strathmore Teacher Enhancement Programs (STEP) reverberates in the hearts and minds of educators and the students they inspire, fostering a brighter future for all. 

In conclusion, STEP stands as a testament to the power of teacher enhancement in shaping the future of education. With unwavering commitment, this program continues to uplift educators and, in turn, transform the educational landscape of Kenya and beyond. 

As we celebrate the strides made in enhancing education, we look forward to the promise of an even brighter future, where students flourish and the torch of knowledge is carried forward by the dedicated educators who have been enriched by these transformative initiatives.

This article was written by Anthony Muema.

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