Strathmore Alumni Making Waves in Sustainable Innovation


To play their part in revolutionizing local food sourcing and production, two Strathmore graduates, Meshack Lekumok and Hope Mutanu Robert, have emerged as trailblazers in the agriculture space with their ground-breaking innovation, Meshope Hydroponics.

Meshack and Hope’s journey began during their time as students at Strathmore University, where they were involved in promoting local food sourcing and supporting campus-led initiatives for gardens and farms. Their collaboration evolved into Meshope Hydroponics, an innovative enterprise dedicated to hydroponic farming—a method that grows crops without soil. This approach not only transforms urban agriculture but also addresses critical challenges in food production and sustainability.

Supported by the KCB Foundation’s Tujiajiri Scholarship, Meshack and Hope overcame obstacles and ventured into uncharted territories. They embarked on a mission to empower local youth by providing hydroponic training and facilitating the setup of greenhouses. This initiative not only fosters entrepreneurship but also contributes to the development of sustainable farming practices within communities.

What sets Meshope Hydroponics apart is its commitment to sustainability. By adopting hydroponic techniques, their innovation conserve water and significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional farming methods. It emphasizes the importance of localized food production, aligning perfectly with the ethos of promoting sustainable practices within our communities.

The duo exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship fostered at Strathmore University. Their unconventional journey underscores the importance of pursuing ambitious dreams while still in school. By bridging academic knowledge with practical application, they have demonstrated that impactful change begins with proactive engagement and creative problem-solving.

Meshope Hydroponics synergizes with Strathmore’s own student-led initiatives for campus gardens and farms. This collaboration represents a holistic approach towards sustainable food systems, promoting locally sourced produce and empowering future generations to take charge of agricultural innovation.

As Strathmore University continues to nurture and empower visionary individuals like Meshack and Hope, we celebrate their achievements and look forward to more alumni making waves in sustainable innovation. Meshope Hydroponics serves as an inspiring example of how education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability intersect to create lasting impact in our communities and beyond.

Article written by: Stephen Wakhu

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