It’s a pitchy affair…



This month has seen our Strathletes put their best foot forward in the various matches that took place.

  • Rugby

From the 12th – 14th January 2024, George Ooro and Nygel Amaitsa, players in the Kenya Shujaa Rugby team, were in Dubai for the 1st leg of the HSBC Challenger 2024. Accompanying them was Coach Louis Kisia, who plays a key role in the Strathmore Leos Rugby team and serves as the Kenya Sevens Assistant Coach. The Kenya Sevens team won the cup final, defeating Chile 12–5, and took home the trophy.

Over the weekend (27th January 2024), the Strathmore Leos lost the Match Day 6 Kenya Cup game 3 – 88 Kabras. 


  • Hockey Men ( Gladiators)

On 13th January 2024, the hockey men (Gladiators) secured a colossal 4-0 Sihk Union victory at the den. 


  • Football – Braveheart FC

This past weekend, the Strathmore FC (Bravehearts) have been on a winning spree, living up to their bold name by triumphing over opponents in recent matches. The scores are as follows;

27th January 2024:

Bravehearts 3 – 2 TEAU (KUSA)

Bravehearts 3 – 1 KNH (FKF Div 2)

28th January 2024:

Bravehearts 1 – 1 TUK (KUSA)


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