SI Graduate Spotlight: Yvonne Kazairwe – Achieving Success in the Beauty



In the realm of life skills and the unspoken conversations between teenagers and their parents, Yvonne Kazairwe’s experience at Strathmore University and her mentorship has been pivotal. This article delves into Yvonne’s remarkable journey, from obtaining her Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship to embarking on her Bachelor of Commerce degree while establishing her own beauty business, “KAZI BEAUTY.”

After her successful practicum during her studies in the Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship program at Strathmore University, Yvonne requested her father’s financial support to kick start her business, KAZI BEAUTY. She credits her business acumen to the knowledge and skills she is gained from her Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Yvonne’s proudest achievement is attaining her diploma. In a family that highly values education, her accomplishments have not only brought her immense pride but have also made her parents exceedingly proud.

An international student, Yvonne candidly shares her experiences, including the culture shock she encountered both in a new country, Kenya, and at Strathmore University. The stringent dress code, punctuality expectations, and overall discipline at Strathmore were unlike her initial expectations of university life. However, she acknowledges that these experiences have prepared her for the real world and helped her secure an attachment to prepare for the job market, where dressing decently was essential.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Yvonne has been building a client base by providing makeup services to friends she met during her studies. Her practicum experience played a pivotal role in helping her overcome her fears associated with starting a business, such as the fear of financial losses and concerns about customer satisfaction. Yvonne’s passion for the beauty industry is evident in her commitment to learning about hairdressing and integrating the skills she learnt during her studies into her business.

Yvonne expresses her gratitude to an exceptional lecturer who helped her change her approach to the Accounting unit, ultimately enabling her to graduate on time without retakes. She also acknowledges the invaluable support of her friends who helped her adapt to the Kenyan culture and the Strathmore University environment. Their assistance in helping her overcome challenges, especially in mathematics, highlights the strength of community at Strathmore.

Evidently, Yvonne’s journey at Strathmore University, shaped by her experiences and mentors, showcases the transformative power of education, resilience, and the importance of supportive friends in navigating life’s challenges and accomplishments.


This article was written by Teresa Nekesa.


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