SI Graduate Spotlight: Immanuel Mwendwa Kiilu – I want to save the world with my words and deeds


“I want to save the world with my words and deeds!” 

He’s neither James Bond nor Sherlock Holmes, but his journey is just as thrilling. You’ve probably guessed it…  Immanuel Mwendwa Kiilu is not your average student. He has a passion for governance, peace and security, a talent for writing and diplomacy, and a knack for acing Mathematics and winning awards. He is also committed to both the environment and the people around him. So why don’t you grab a seat as I tell you more about Immanuel’s remarkable journey and achievements, and why he is someone you should know.

With a Diploma in International Relations (DIR) under his belt and an array of achievements in his pocket, Immanuel exemplifies the notion that the journey is just as crucial as the destination.

“Peace, security, and hospitality” might sound like the United Nations’ tagline, but these are Immanuel’s passions, quite befitting for a future diplomat, wouldn’t you agree? Immanuel has ensured a harmonious balance in his life, exploring both the theories of power balance and the harmony of nature.

But he isn’t all about textbooks and theories. The curveball of Immanuel’s journey? He is a  literature enthusiast! Surprised? So was I. Glancing back to high school days, he was immersed in sports, a domain that connected the realms of team spirit and individual performance. Today, he may no longer be on the field, but the essence of sportsmanship continues to hearten his journey.

Also, spoiler alert!  Immanuel is destined for Diplomatic Olympus. His aspirations in diplomacy are as vibrant as his charming personality. His enthusiasm for representing his country and continent, his dedication to diplomacy, peace and security, all mirror his lively persona. He is passionate about conflict resolution and fostering cooperation among nations, and  he has already proven his skills and potential in various events and competitions. 

For instance, his experience during his attachment at the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs  magnified his talents, as he represented Kenya as a rapporteur at the The World Scouts Parliamentary Union (WSPU), Africa Assembly, 2023 held in Nyeri County. Not only did he represent, but he also triumphed, amassing laudations that point to a promising diplomatic career.

Now, let’s take a detour to his “green” side, where he moonlighted as the Vice President of the Strathmore Environment Sustainability Club (SESC). Beyond attending prestigious climate-related masterclasses, he’s partaken in the second edition of the Zero Carbon Impact Fellowship and Climate Diplomacy Academy, addressing climate change with a witty remark up his sleeve.

He also participated in prestigious climate-related masterclasses, such as the Climate Change and Biodiversity, the Second Edition of Zero Carbon Impact Fellowship, and the Climate Diplomacy Academy. As the Vice President of SESC, he led various initiatives to raise awareness and take action for environmental sustainability.

One might assume that his IR studies led him into an oblivion of rigid diplomatic processes, but here’s a plot twist – his trip to the The African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (The Court), Arusha, Tanzania, didn’t just add another stamp to his passport or more selfies. It inspired his dissertation topic, which he aced, and I still wonder if he punctuated each paragraph with a hilarious anecdote.

Beyond his academic accomplishments, Immanuel also excelled in other fields of interest. He participated in the UNESCO Youth Essay Contest on ‘Enabling Intercultural Dialogue in East Africa’ writing and his exceptional writing skills placed him among the top contenders. He also won at the 14th Eco-Generation Environmental Essay Competition, showcasing his creativity and eloquence. All the while, he gracefully managed these impressive accomplishments while serving as a Eco-generation Regional Ambassador to Kenya, a global platform for young environmentalists supported by UNEP and Samsung Engineering. 

Let’s not forget the unsung heroes of his journey – the parents, siblings, fellow classmates, lectures, and programme administrators. They were super helpful, ensuring that Immanuel  had all the support he needed to navigate the bureaucratic maze of academia. Their support, extending beyond academics, has played a pivotal role in shaping Immanuel’s educational experience and molding him into a passionate future diplomat. His future is not just about suiting up and walking into the African Union and United Nations; it’s about the positive vibes he’s spread around his University, the friends he’s made, the quirky candid moments, and the journey where he found his purpose. 

Immanuel is presently  awaiting the processing of his degree application. He hopes to continue his studies and career in international studies. He also hopes to make a positive impact on the world through his words and deeds. 

With each chapter that unfolds, Immanuel unveils a deeper layer to his dynamic character. He infuses the world with love and laughter, transforming it into a more vibrant and captivating place. Remember, life is too short to be boring. Embrace the unexpected, sprinkle a little unicorn magic wherever you go, and let the world be your playground of laughter and adventure.


This article was written by Keith Albert. 

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