SI Graduate Spotlight: Chintali Ranaweera Delgahange – I aspire to make an impact in this country that has captured my heart



“I aspire to make a significant impact in this beautiful country that has captured my heart.” 

Welcome to the vibrant world of Chintali Ranaweera Delgahange: a Kenyan at heart, soaked in German precision, and steeped in Sri Lankan grace. What’s her love  story with Kenya? you might ask– she fell for the education, the people, and the vibrant spirit of the country, prompting her to envision sticking around for more than just the commercials.

Since she was thirteen, Chintali’s  grandest aspiration has always been to work for the fortress of diplomacy -the United Nations. 

It’s interesting imagining a parallel universe where Chintali, without the exposure to international relations, would have been adorning the white coat in an operating room. Instead, she found her calling amidst global affairs.

Echoing her sentiments, she asserts, “Strathmore is a vibrant Theatre of Dreams.” Looking back, her praises distinctly rest with Miss Njoki from the International Relations department who cultivated a nurturing environment for Chintali to thrive. She valued the relationships she built and has fond memories of the scope of her diploma, which initially sparked her fascination.

Chintali added a cherry on the top by winning the title ‘Most Diplomatic Delegate’ at her committee in  KMUN’s 22nd session conference. It seems that all those hours spent binge-watching ‘House of Cards’  paid off after all! 

After long school days her (not so) secret passions take the front seat. Between breathtaking hikes where she dines under open skies, to binge-watching anime and contemplating on becoming a Super Saiyan, Chintali has her work-life balance figured out!

The list of Chintali’s inspirations is as diverse as it is lovely. She is inspired by her parents (the perennial superheroes), Michelle Obama with her enviable flair, and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Kenya H.E Veluppillai Kananathan , the epitome of professional ethics.  An interesting, brilliant  and broad range of role models, you might say. I agree.

In the dizzying whirlwind that is Strathmore, Chintali found her true calling. Her advice to those still trying to find their path? “Take a look around. There’s more going on than you may realize. Who knows? You might just find your calling too.”

Currently, Chintali is lighting up the halls of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Nairobi. While she may not engage in  microphone wrestling at public gatherings, her deep-rooted love for socializing has stitched together an exquisite tapestry of friends from different walks of life, with each group serving a unique flavor of companionship.

Next stop on Chintali’s ride? Well, who knows, it’s never a boring ride with her anyway!  


This article has been written by Keith Albert.

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