Reconnecting at the 10 year Alumni networking dinner


“Since this is a ten-year anniversary, we can look back on what a span of 10 years actually means. Of course a lot happened… there was no ChatGPT! The SGR had just been launched in Kenya, and Pope Francis had been elected… Where were you 10 years ago?  Can you recall?”

This past Friday, our #SUAlumni from the #ClassOf2005 to #ClassOf2015 and the Strathmore Law School #ClassOf2016 were back at their beloved alma mater for a heartwarming reunion. Laughter reverberated through the Maasai Mara restaurant. Not just any laughter, but the kind that springs from shared experiences, from late-night study sessions turned all-night conversations and the inside jokes that only those who walked these hallowed halls could possibly understand. The tantalising smells of dinner wafted across the room, winding in between conversations and catch-ups among our SU Alumni.

“There’s a need for a stronger alumni network…”

The reunion was not just a walk down memory lane; it was also a celebration of the values that shaped their student experiences, an opportunity to network for transformation, and a call to be champions of change in society and beyond.

While jogging the memories of the alumni and updating on the latest news about Strathmore University, Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor, highlighted the importance of establishing a robust alumni network as it will strive towards fostering professional networks and mentoring opportunities for the students who tread in their footsteps..

He  sketched the University’s upcoming endeavors and encouraged the alumni to contribute and support the projects that drive our pillar of life-long learning. “My vision is to carry the vision and navigate it through these changing times, because it is just as relevant as it was back then…” 

What does personal branding mean to you?

The evening took a reflective turn as Eva Muraya, CEO of BSD Group, who was our keynote speaker, delved into the transformative power of personal branding.

“Strathmore University has set a strong foundation for us to cultivate our personal brand. Commitment to academic excellence, ethical values and making a positive difference in the world speak to the core of what it means to be an SU graduate.”

A few key takeaways from her speech were;

1. You must drive differentiation – find your unique value proposition.

2. Be consistent – you will be different consistently as it builds trust.

3. Build awareness – don’t be different and consistent yet nobody knows it.

4. Have character – we have everything we need from the SU community to drive transformation.


“People only do business with you if they know you, like you and trust you – it’s a global principle. So building a personal brand is about authenticity and embracing your uniqueness.” – Eva Muraya

The day wrapped up with a delightful meal accompanied by continued conversations and the sharing of transformative stories by the alumni. The atmosphere was filled with even more laughter, music, and an engaging Kahoot game.

The alumni network, Strathmore Connect, strives to reconnect, network and inspire, and this 10 Year Alumni Reunion dinner was a perfect night of all three.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.

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