Our poetic sanctuary


Are you looking for a creative outlet on campus? Something that will allow you to express yourself? connect with like-minded individuals, and maybe even discover your inner poet? 

Well, you’re in luck! I’m here to tell you about the hottest new club on Strathmore University’s campus: the Poetry Club! 

Now, don’t close your ears just yet! This isn’t your standard, quietly-whisper-verse kind of club. No ! It’s a witty, lively, and completely engaging gathering of poetic minds. See, this club is making poetry fun again. I mean, who said Shakespeare and his mates hold the monopoly on words? Times of reflection and quiet introspection often give rise to the most profound ideas. 

And this  is the case with Strathmore University. Riana Akello, a law student, created this club because she believes in turning actions into poetry. 

From navigating tricky and bumpy paths in life to being her buoyancy aid through the  waves of law school, poetry has been her  lifeline. It sparked her confidence, gifted her a resounding voice, and prompted her transition from the shadows to the limelight.

Yet, for Riana, poetry isn’t a solo journey. She urges the Strathmore fraternity to partake in this journey with her. Her vision of poetry encompasses themes that resonate with love, compassion, and community. She wants to create a community that supports this vision. She hopes to inspire others to find comfort, happiness, and connection through writing poetry. 

“Welcome to our poetic sanctuary. We believe poetry is not just an art; it is empowering, challenging, and liberates the soul,” she says , her voice warm, her spirit inviting.

 “Every word, every line we craft stems from our shared human experience. It binds us together, gives us a voice and a space to express, reflect, and grow.”

In the club, conversations sparkle with diversity as members echo tales drawn from their unique life 

experiences and cultural backgrounds. Yet synchronous undercurrents of universality paint a vivid picture of our shared humanity. 

Truths are unleashed, sometimes painful, sometimes joyous, but always profound – forming deep-rooted connections, building a community bound with empathy and respect. I’ve heard hilarious poems about everything, even why some coffee tastes disappointing. They’re always presented with clever phrasing and a charming delivery, of course. 

Riana, the president of the club, celebrates each poet with a flower crown and loud applause. She does it with infectious enthusiasm. Her energy and vision have created this beautiful, judgment-free space for creativity and vulnerability that our hyper-competitive environment desperately needed. 

In between poetry slams, the club also plans to host a series of workshops covering various topics, from metaphor to beats to publishing. Budding wordsmiths can hone their skills and find their tribe. Lifelong bonds are formed through shared catharsis and dreams of being the next Maya Angelou. But wait, there’s more! The club also hosts open mic nights that spark the flames of imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned bard or just dipping your toes into the world of poetry, there’s a place for you at the Strathmore Poetry Club.

So, if you’ve ever felt the urge to let your thoughts soar on the wings of metaphors or paint vivid pictures with rhythmic words, look no further. The Strathmore Poetry Club beckons, ready to embrace your musings and set your creativity free here.

So come on down to the next meeting and check it out for yourself!  You never know, you might just find your new favorite hobby… or your inner poet!

Happy versifying, my friend!


Article written by Keith Albert.

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