New programme unveiled: Statistics and Data Science


The stage is set, and the anticipation is reaching its peak. The Strathmore University’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS) is about to welcome its newest addition, the BSc in Statistics and Data Science.

In just six days left, the campus is buzzing with excitement as everyone eagerly awaits the grand launch.

As the days quickly slip away, the atmosphere becomes electrifying. The morning of the launch, which is on 6th June 2023, finally arrives, and it’s no surprise that Strathmore’s main auditorium is ablaze with energy. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to witness the birth of a groundbreaking educational programme? The buzz around data science, coding, and mathematics fills the air, making it feel as though the very essence of the bachelor’s degree is permeating every corner of the campus. The excitement is palpable, and there’s an undeniable promise of something extraordinary.

At around 7: 30 a.m,  guest speakers, including the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Dr Vincent Ogutu, make their grand entrance, ready for the event. The air is abuzz with anticipation, and the conversations are filled with enthusiasm about the program that lies ahead.

The opening prayer, delivered by Fr. Charles, sets an adoring and contemplative tone, preparing the audience for the transformative journey they are about to embark on. Dr. Godfrey Madigu, the Dean of SIMS, takes the stage with a warm smile, greeting the crowd. In his opening remarks, he passionately emphasizes the significance of the new programme, highlighting the immense power of statistics and data science in today’s world. His words echo in the hearts of the audience, stirring their souls and igniting a flame of inspiration. “First seek the kingdom of mathematics and the rest shall be given unto you. Mathematics is the only subject that will be found along the way, from nursery to PhD, no matter what you do.”

Dr. Lucy Muthoni, the program lead, steals the spotlight when she takes the stage. Radiating energy and enthusiasm, she steps forward with a twinkle in her eye. “We want to create artists who create with numbers, who tell stories through data,” she says before welcoming the Vice Chancellor and introduces the chief guest, Mr. Magunda Baker, the CEO of Bidco Africa.

Mr. Magunda takes the stage and shares his profound insights. His words resonate deeply with the audience as he highlights the importance of data science in simplifying complexity. “In the whole mess of complexity, data science is like a guiding light,” he explains. “It allows organizations to make better decisions, take care of stakeholders, and ultimately achieve success.” His wisdom inspires awe and reinforces the pivotal role of young data scientists in shaping the future.

When Dr. Ogutu takes the stage, he captures the attention of everyone in the room. “Mathematics is in the DNA of Strathmore, in its very core,” he proclaims. “The BSc in Statistics and Data Science is the culmination of our commitment to excellence and innovation in this field. Today, we embark on a journey that will shape the future of data science and statistics, not just in our university, but in the world.”

After the speeches, it is time to officially unveil the new programme and Dr. Ogutu, Dr.Muthoni, together with the audience, celebrate the moment.  “The success of this launch has been made possible by the support of other schools within Strathmore University and our industry partners,” Dr. Madigu adds.

Following the keynote address, a panel discussion ensues, where experts from various fields share their insights and experiences. Dr. Kennedy Senagi delves into the importance of data in agricultural practices, while Dr. Duncan Odhiambo sheds light on the impact of data science in the financial industry. Ms. Diana Mutheu emphasizes the need for creativity and adaptability in the pharmaceutical sector, and Dr. Jonah Kuria passionately speaks about the power of data in driving business decisions. Ms. Fainorah Bosibori, an aerospace consultant, adds her unique perspective to the panel.

Throughout the discussion, the panelists emphasize the high demand for graduates of the BSc in Statistics and Data Science across various industries. They stress the importance of storytelling, creativity, and networking, encouraging future students to showcase their skills and be proactive in the job market. The panelists make it clear that with this degree, graduates have the power to make a real impact in their chosen fields.

As the panel discussion concludes, the audience seems  inspired and motivated. The launch event moves into its final phase, where everyone heads outside the auditorium to the graduation square for a celebratory cake cutting ceremony. Proud parents, students, and faculty members gather, basking in the sense of accomplishment and joy that fills the air. It’s a moment of celebration and reflection on the incredible journey that lies ahead.

So, if you’re seeking an opportunity to become a master of numbers, a storyteller through data, and a visionary in the world of statistics and data science, look no further than the BSc program at SIMS. Get ready to unlock your potential, shape the future, and make an indelible mark on the world of data.

Excited? We thought so. Welcome to a new era of limitless possibilities at SIMS, where the power of mathematics and data converge to create the extraordinary.

This article was written by Rachael Wangui, a 3rd year Communications student.

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