Musical Notes and Marketing Strategies


Imagine, if you will, stepping into the shoes of Maya Nadya  – a vibrant spirit who has completed her diploma in entrepreneurship at SU. She began her journey at SU as an eager student and is now stepping out as an accomplished entrepreneur and musician. Weaving her story is about threading together chords of music and strands of business acumen into a harmonious chronicle.

Now, SU was no snooze-fest for Maya. University wasn’t about glaring at whiteboards and late-night cram sessions. Her magnetic personality sucked her straight into the social whirl around campus. You’d often find her buzzing like the social butterfly she is, flitting through the sea of diverse faces with a smile to share. She nurtured herself in every conversation and every interaction like any hungry go-getter would, soaking up the diverse experiences around her.

Every conversation and every interaction was a chance for her to grow and learn, a sentiment shared by many enterprising spirits. Maya had always been fascinated by the world of beauty and cosmetics. She loved experimenting with different products, colours, and styles. She dreamed of creating her own brand and sharing her passion with others.

SU provided her academic laurels and a launchpad for her business dreams. All those lectures, courses, and entrepreneurship theories? Maya didn’t let them gather dust in some corner of her brain. Instead, she twisted them into a strategic game plan that rocketed her business venture skywards. From being one of SU’s students to an apprentice of life, Maya made it happen.

SU’s life, for Maya, was interwoven with memorable experiences. Conferences outlining the intricacies of SMEs offered invaluable insights. At the same time, participation in flea markets provided a concrete understanding of business dynamics beyond classroom walls.

The artist pursued her love for music. Maya enjoyed singing at concerts as a performer or audience member when she was not busy with her studies or business. As an artist, Maya’s heart crooned melodies. She serenaded the world with her singing when not brushing up her business acumen. This love affair with music dates back to her childhood piano lessons. She found music as entrancing as strutting in the world of cosmetics. Music, to her, was the candy for her emotional cravings: a deep sigh of relief, a hoot of joy, or a silent tear.

She found it as a source of expression, inspiration, and relaxation. She sang songs that reflected her mood, thoughts, and feelings. She played tunes that lifted her spirit, stimulated her mind, or calmed her nerves.

SU’s pièce de résistance for Maya? A conference on Small and Medium Enterprises brimming with wisdom from Kenya’s finest Chief executives. Imagine being a bird in her brain, watching her capture these golden thoughts and tucking them away once the Q&A unfolded. The biggies weren’t so big after all! Indeed, they were mirrored reflections of her own aspirations.

They were like her. Yet also different from her. They had more experience, knowledge, wisdom, and influence. They had more resources, networks, opportunities, and impact. They were what she wanted to be.

With profound gratitude, Maya gives a shout-out to her bedrock of support – her parents and her lecturers, Ms. Penny,  Jack, and Steve. Their guidance provided an unwavering beacon during her journey, playing a crucial role in shaping her experience at SU.

Maya’s voyage is about more than a promising undergraduate at SU. It’s about exploring all aspects of life, pursuing growth, and channeling a harmonizing energy that strikes a chord between arts and enterprise.

Her  typical day at Strathmore University was busy but fulfilling. She attended classes where she learned new concepts, theories, and models. She did group work, where she applied her knowledge, skills, and attitudes. She went to STC, where she enjoyed delicious meals and snacks. She chilled at the library or the lounge, where she relaxed and socialized and loved every moment.

As Maya graduated with her Diploma in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship (DE), she felt a wave of emotions. She is happy that she has completed her course with distinction. She is proud that she has launched her cosmetics business with success.

But also sad that she had to say goodbye to the place that had become her second home. She is nostalgic about the memories that she has created here.

But she also knows there is more to come, more to do, more to be. And She is ready for them.


This article was written by Keith Albert.

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