Mum: A priceless gift

My mum, my flower – Karin Daniel, 2nd Year, Bachelor of Commerce

“Mother’s Day is really important to me because it is a special day to celebrate life, as our mothers are life-givers. Mothers are always there for us and they play a big role in our everyday life, whether they are there physically with us or not,” said Karin.

She always prioritizes her mother because if it were not for her, Karin wouldn’t be where she is now.

“She is my flower but I always give her the same kind, flowers. She loves roses. Although I’m not working yet, I try to gift her as much as I can even if it’s little but it comes from the deepest part of my heart. It’s always the thought that counts, right?  She is the apple of my eye. Whenever I am down or low, she’s always the first person I think of, so I give her a call and she immediately cheers me up. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.”

Mothers really ought to be celebrated every day.

This article was written by Zeinab Mustafa, a third year Communications student.

Mum, a priceless gift – Mercy Stella, 3rd Year Bachelor of Arts in Communications

“Many people believe that a child is the greatest gift that a mother receives. I see it as the inverse. I am a rainbow baby and a twin. My mum has been and will continue to be my source of inspiration and hope. We bond through a variety of activities and her understanding of them comes in handy. Thanks to her, I have adopted and learnt a range of hobbies, including  board games and yoga. Most recently, she started teaching me how to drive a car. Her philanthropic nature and remarkable cooking skills truly make her stand out.

A daily reminder that sharing is caring is a virtue that my mother has instilled in me since I was a child. Being a twin, I always fought so much with my sister for sweets, toys, the TV remote control, and attention. Regardless, constant reminders of virtue have made me a better individual as I grow. My mother has instilled in me various virtues that have enabled me to relate and communicate with other people.


In my lowest moments, my mother has always given me a shoulder to lean on, not forgetting the great advice that I get from her. She is a woman of wisdom. One time, I lost my phone and she not only replaced it for me but lifted my spirits and walked me out of a season of PTSD that I had encountered.

She is a gift, she is a blessing and she is priceless.

I would like to share a life tip from my mum which is… Hit the ground running!”

This is the story of Mercy Stella, a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Communications student. 

Mum knows best – June Ngoitsi, Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Cyber Security student 

What exactly does your mother know best? Have you ever told her?

Mother’s Day should not be the only day when mothers are honored. It should be  every single day. Mothers are a symbol of community continuation, and my mum embodies that. I remember when my biology teacher illustrated the phases of child development, which sparked our appreciation for our mothers. From that moment, I began to cherish my mother even more.

In my household, when mum is not present, there is always tension of things not going right, or incomplete plans and moments of no confidence in decisions made. We all look up to her even for the slightest. That’s funny… At times I find myself asking her… “Mum tunakula what for super?”

She always has the answer.

I admire her boldness in carrying out various activities even though she has little to no knowledge of them. Mum would always try to teach me mathematics, help write my notes during school holidays and even cover my exercise books. A gem she is.

Mother has always made sure I am comfortable and provides a favorable environment for me to express myself even when things are tough. She makes it happen. I have learnt so much from her that I hope to share  with the world;  survival, appreciation, honesty, bravery, love among others.

My mother will teach, she will love and protect, all in one stance. She has been with me, she has prayed for me, she has celebrated me, she has provided for me. I cherish and love her above and beyond. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

This article was written by Precious Joyce Amaya, a third year Communication student.

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