Michelle Adika – The First Kenyan Female Debater at World University Championships


“I am ready to board this ship and set sail – point my compass at my true north, the future.”

Being admitted to Strathmore Law School holds the possibility of being the ultimate catalyst to a successful future. That of becoming a great lawyer. #GoPlacesWithSU… excited for what it holds.

The first day of school. Everything seems  so new, so intimidating, yet so exciting at the same time. The new responsibilities of adulting now check in. I nervously wait to meet the lecturers wondering; what is it like studying law? Will the workload be too much? Will I cope…? Many questions swirl in my mind.

My love for debating

Since my high school days, I was in awe of the skills and poise exuberant debaters possessed during championships, swaying judges and huge audiences. I silently dreamed that I too would one day walk across the spotlight and be the best!

In 2020, I threw my hat into the ring and joined the Kenya National Debate team and took part in a debate competition. I thought it was high time I  start giving practical shape to my ambition. Debating broadened my world view and allowed me to compete against some of the most talented debaters in the world.

Fast forward to joining Strathmore University, I had my mind set on joining the Debate Society Club. Within weeks into the semester, I signed up for the Pan African Universities Debate Championships (PAUDC) that was taking place in Strathmore University. The event brought on board students from across the continent to debate motions on current affairs.

The Female Debater at World University Championships

Yes. #GoPlacesWithSU they said.

On 27th December – 5th January 2023, Jeff Melita, a 4th year Law student, and I got the opportunity to represent Strathmore University and Kenya, at large, at the World University Championships, the world’s biggest debating tournament, held in Madrid. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We met and interacted with adept debaters who had the same enthusiasm, skill and zeal we had. We were challenged and inspired by the debating style there.

Notably, I was the first Kenyan Female Debater to debate physically at that level, an achievement I take great pride in.

While you read this…

“Grab every opportunity you can, work hard, enjoy yourself while at it, start your #StrathYou journey from the word go by hitting the ground running. Being in first year doesn’t and shouldn’t hinder you from accessing opportunities you would like to experience. The time is now. Explore your abilities and give your curiosity free rein. They say the sky is not the limit.


My name is Michelle Adika. I’m a 1st year Strathmore Law School student and a member of the Strathmore Debate Society.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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