Mentoring awareness week!


The term mentoring is one that comes up more often than not in normal day to day conversations between Stratizens. For us mentoring is more of a way of life embedded in us through the school’s culture. A way of life we embrace and appreciate; especially as we near graduation owing to the resultant growth from it. In order to celebrate this special and unique part of the Strathmore culture, each year, the Mentoring Department holds a Mentoring Awareness Week. This week is usually aimed at creating awareness surrounding mentoring as well as creating opportunities for mentors to bond with their mentees.

The theme of Mentoring Awareness Week this year was: ‘Share your shine’. Our goal was to create a theme that encourages both mentors and mentees to share unique aspects of themselves with others in order to spread their inner light. For some it was through their talents, others through words of wisdom and for us it was through the generous ‘happy hour’ that took place throughout the entire week alongside the ‘spin the wheel’. For ‘spin the wheel’, there were lovely gifts to be won such as candy for the sweet tooths, Tropical Heat hampers and branded wristbands among others.

To kickstart the week, there was a vibrant flashmob at the student center that took place on the Monday of 20th November. Truly Stratizens are talented because we were left awe by the incredible performance pulled off by the Dance Club. That was followed by some speeches given by Dr. John Mutisya, the Mentoring Department Director and Frank Mochengo, the Student Council President, to encourage the students to take part in the week’s activities. In case you were not aware of our new Instagram page (strathmore.mentoring), now you know. That is where the next day’s activities took place as the department conducted an exciting and engaging social media takeover.

To wind up the week, we had an amazing Campus Chronicles session on Thursday where we got a few tips on how to overcome peer pressure and to avoid being a ‘brother Bernard’. There were lovely hampers from Jada Cosmetics that were gifted to active participants during the session. Afterwards, we wrapped up the day with a cocktail session at Kilimanjaro Cafe where attendees got to interact with each other. Truly, this was a week to remember. Special thanks and gratitude to the Mentoring Department for going out of their way to plan this wonderful week.


Article written by Bridgit Muthio, Intern, Mentoring Department

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