Launch of the Strathmore Alumni Tanzania Chapter in the Heart of Dar es Salaam


Picture this. A panoramic view of a city enveloped by water—a truly breathtaking sight in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, aptly named “abode of peace.” This bustling city stands as East Africa’s largest and once the capital of Tanzania. Nestled along the expansive Swahili coast, it emerges as a vital economic hub and one of the world’s fastest-growing urban centers. Swahili, the national language, takes on a unique flavor here, known as Kimrima, differing slightly from the Kimvita dialect of Kenya’s Mombasa region. As a Kenyan, barely fluent in Swahili, I find  familiarity amidst the bustling crowds.

The weather in Dar es Salaam wraps around you like a warm hug, contrasting sharply with the chilly interiors of air-conditioned buildings. But nothing beats a morning jog along the sandy beaches, preparing us for the upcoming VC run scheduled this month.

On May 3rd, our meticulous plans at Delta Hotels Marriott come to fruition. Anticipation builds as we eagerly await our esteemed guests for an evening of reconnection, networking, and inspiration.

The room slowly fills with Strathmore University’s brand ambassadors and alumni, igniting the atmosphere with laughter, hugs, and animated conversations. It takes a bit of effort to settle everyone down, but soon the program commences with a prayer, setting the tone for the evening under divine guidance.

William Chamla, Country Director of Strathmore Global Institute (SGI), sets the tone, highlighting the transformative impact of Strathmore Business School’s work in the region through SGI. Yassin Hussein, an alumnus and seasoned business leader, takes the stage with a keynote address on “Ethical Leadership and Sustainability.” His thought-provoking discourse challenges us to consider the practice of ethical leadership in our organizations, drawing from personal anecdotes that resonate deeply with the audience. Amidst stimulating conversation, we indulge in a feast of bongo flavors and tantalizing Swahili cuisine. Pweza broth, makande ya nazi, mishikaki, kashata za karanga, and more. A true culinary delight!

The evening reaches its peak with a fireside chat moderated by our very own mentoring champion, Ms. Christina Garashie featuring Ms. Pamela Shao, a passionate coach and Country Manager at Oxford Policy Management. Pamela sheds light on the distinction between coaching and mentoring, emphasizing their role in expanding our perspectives and nurturing mental well-being. 

Amidst cheers and song, we launch  the Strathmore Alumni Tanzania Chapter, a moment of celebration and unity, and afterwards, conversations lingering late into the night. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Tanzanian alumni committee and the SGI Tanzania team for their unwavering support.

Next up: London, United Kingdom.

Article by: Annita Kalekye Mwaniki


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