In Everything You Do, Seek Perfection


Ask a law student how the pursuit of their degree is going and the most common answer is “tough”. With the late hours and long assignments, law is not for the faint of heart. Could you even imagine adding on three extracurricular activities? Having met Tasha Kitao, I am here to tell you, it is possible.

Tasha is light, bright and bubbly with energy that could affect the gloomiest of days. She is also a third year student in the law school, a communications intern for the Strathmore Law Review, social media and marketing MC for the Strathmore Law Clinic and a Karate green belt holder. Phew! She could probably add professional juggler to her resume. With the same 24 hours, she manages to stay on top of school and extracurricular activities. How does she do it?

“Discipline is a key element in the practice of Karate and it’s something that helps me prioritize and manage my commitments,” she says.

Two or so years ago, Tasha got into Karate as a way to learn self-defense and incorporate exercise into her daily routine – running laps in the sports complex while the rugby team practiced just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Since then, she has progressed in her mastery of karate, participates in tournaments and learnt how to incorporate the mantras into her day to day.

‘In everything you do, seek perfection’. ‘Be honest with yourself and others’.

In law, like in karate, these are mantras to guide your practice. Tasha has found that the two can overlap in this way, needing her to give each priority at the right time – a training session missed in lieu of a law clinic attended, or a law review meeting gone unattended in light of an upcoming karate tournament. Finding balance has been an important part of her experience in Strathmore University.

With an internal compass like that, Tasha would make a great advocate… or teacher. The vision for her future lies in academia, teaching and molding another generation of lawyers and quite possibly karate students. One thing is for sure, her students will rarely skip her classes. As with her classmates now, she will bring smiles to their faces even as the pursuit of the degree gets tough, and inject humor into her lessons to keep learning interesting.

A little closer in the future, Tasha will be graduating from a green belt to a blue belt. She will continue to expertly juggle her commitments (and take lots of naps as needed), stay open to people’s opinions and live the karate way.


This article was written by Celia Kinuthia. 

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