I got a job while still on campus!


Silently, nearly everyone who has completed their studies is worried. So many uncertainties lie ahead. What will I do next? When will I get a job? Where will I work? How will I settle down? All these questions and worries are valid, as much as they are also real to many.

In the midst of these questions and concerns, I knew I wanted to experience the corporate world and put into practice the many lessons I had learned on campus (if they translated to reality at all), and I also looked forward to experiencing marketing in the actual workplace and business world. With this in mind, I knew I needed to act and do something about my situation right away. I also wanted to avoid anxiety and worry, as these emotions are never far away during such times.

Ensured that my application documents were in check

I confirmed that my documents such as my CV and cover letter were updated and ready to send out in case I came across any job openings. I sought help from our careers department at Strathmore Careers Development Services for guidance on how to present my experiences on my CV and received the support I needed in that regard. With this done, I was ready to venture out there.

Asked for help from people around me. Utilized accessible and available resources.

As we all know, no man is an island! And, to be honest, I was unsure of what to do after finishing my final semester of school. I reached out to my friends who had graduated from campus before me and were already working, asking for job leads and advice, and in all honesty, I received so many career openings from them.

Secondly, I took the time to prepare myself for the opportunities I was considering by making YouTube my friend, specifically Joan The Career Coach. Have you ever binge-watched videos on interview skills, job application blunders, and how to answer interview questions, to name just a few? Yes? No? I agree with those who said yes because this is precisely what I was doing. Her videos were very informative and addressed all of my career concerns.

Finally, I expressed my concerns to my friends, who assisted me in preparing for my interview when the opportunity arose!

Pro Tip: Get your trusted friend(s) to assist you in preparing for your interview sessions. Write down the frequently asked questions and get someone to listen to you as you respond.

The Results? You will be better placed and more confident during the actual interview day.

I paid attention to areas where I could easily be connected to a job opportunity

Because I knew I wanted to start working as soon as I finished my semester, I made sure I was looking in all the right places for job leads. My campus emails, LinkedIn, and asking around in my networks were examples of such places. I was attentive to job alerts from our careers department board and acted quickly whenever a suitable opportunity presented itself.

Pro Tip 2:(Wondering why you need your CV to always be updated?) In some instances, opportunities with limited time to submit your documents are advertised; therefore, having all of your items available and within reach will give you a greater likelihood of getting closer to the opportunity compared to someone with an outdated CV and a deadline to meet for submission as well.

A vacancy was shared in our class group through our class group representative, and as soon as I saw it, I shared my documents with the appropriate party. I had no idea that this would be my position in the next few months. It took about two weeks to hear from the organization, and I got a call from HR one day while I was studying for my CATs. Soon after, I was invited for an interview, and I eventually got the job one month before my final exams. Talk about literally answered prayers and so much more!

Took up opportunities while at school which sharpened my experiences

Another thing that I presume helped me get a job was being active on campus outside of my coursework. I was able to participate in various volunteer activities and be an active member of a club (Strathmore Toastmasters Gavel Club). Given the experiences I gained in these roles, I was able to better articulate some of my experiences during my interview and even afterwards. This boosted my confidence in my abilities and experiences.

Let’s chat below. How did you land your first job? Share in the comment section to uplift someone that they are on the right track.

Are you a campus student seeking help as you navigate the career environment and wondering what to do, and where to start?

This article was written by Stephanie Wambua and was first published here

What’s your story? We’d like to hear it. Contact us via communications@strathmore.edu

What’s your story? We’d like to hear it. Contact us via communications@strathmore.edu


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